3 Intuition Questions To Improve Your Relationships

In any relationship, whether it's with a lover, a spouse, or someone you work with, you may be wondering: Why are they acting that way? Are they going to call me? Did they like me? Are they going to do what I want them to do? What can improve our relationship?

You can gain insight into your relationship simply by using your intuition to “read someone else's mind” or at least pick up intuitively what is happening on their “side of the fence.” You do this by asking your intuition the right questions. Your intuition will always respond to a question because your mind always wants to answer a question that is posed to it. Your intuitive mind is your connection to your intuition system. You use your intuitive mind to gather messages, and then your consciousness puts the pieces together, which reveal an answer that makes sense to you.

You may be surprised at how much information your intuition can give you about your relationship with anyone. Your intuition will give you neutral information about your relationships that can shed light on what is motivating someone to act the way they do and also may give you an understanding of where they are coming from. How a person is acting may have nothing to do with you or may not be as bad as you think. It is way better to pose an open ended question to your intuition because you will receive much more intuitive information than if you just ask a ‘yes or no’ question.

For example, asking the question, “Does he/she like me?” will do two things, it will prompt your thinking mind to answer quickly, and probably involve a lot of your emotional reactions to that answer. Both of these will cloud any true or real intuitive messages that come to you. Better intuitive insight will come from asking an open-ended question, and some open-ended questions are better than others.

The questions you ask your intuition are very important to getting your intuition to work on what you want it to. The reason for this is that your intuitive mind will always respond to any question you pose it. Your thinking mind will try to answer as well. So the key is to ask a question that your intuitive mind will answer right away but your thinking mind will pause and “think about.”  This gives your intuitive mind a chance to get its message to you right away.  Open-ended questions are the perfect kind of questions to ask your intuition to get it to work on what you want. Also, remember to ask questions that are more neutral in nature, so your fear and doubt don’t overshadow your intuition. For example, if you are worried that your boyfriend is going to leave you, then asking, “Why is my boyfriend going to leave me?” is NOT a good question to ask your intuition.

Here are some great questions to ask your intuition so you can ‘read' someone else's mind or get information about a relationship situation:

1. What is his/her view on this situation/relationship?

2. Why is he/she reacting to this situation in this way?

3. What can I do to influence our relationship in a positive way?

4. What can I do to improve our communication?

You can substitute a person’s name in for “his/her” or “he/she”.  These questions are actually good for any kind of relationship trouble you’re looking to get insight on. It can be about a person at work, a member of your family or your spouse.  Remember you are asking your intuition these questions, not yourself, at least, not your “thinking self.”

The closer someone is to you the harder it may be for you to receive good intuitive messages about him or her. Certainly, those people that we are strongly involved with emotionally will naturally cause emotional feelings and thoughts to interfere with getting a clear message from our intuition. The way to handle this is to ask your intuition questions that are indirectly associated with the person and situation you want to know about.

For example, you can ask a question as if you are an outside party or a third person. Say you want to know about how your husband or boyfriend thinks about you as their wife or girlfriend.  Instead of asking, “What does my husband/boyfriend think of me?” you can ask your intuition, “What would help the relationship of  <name of husband or boyfriend> with his wife/girlfriend?”  You could also try, “What does <name of husband or boyfriend> feel about his wife/girlfriend.” Another question you can ask is, “What does he need from his wife/girlfriend?” What this does for you is it removes you from being involved in the question you pose to your intuition. When the questions we ask involve ourselves directly, our thinking mind, our emotions and Ego immediately get involved and it becomes harder to listen to our intuition. A question posed about a third person allows us to hear our intuition a bit more easily.

The next time you would like to find out more about your relationships or about a situation in your relationship, try out this method and let me know how you make out, just send me an message.

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