Intuition and the Law of Attraction

Intuition always seemed to be the magic elixir that helps you to get what you want. It's been said to be the key to manifesting your desires. It works with the law of attraction. They say, follow your intuition, but how? How do you tap into your intuition to manifest what you want?

Abraham Hicks says, the universe is orchestrated to make you happy. Source manifests. Your inner being wants you to manifest intuition, leads you to the exploration and realization of your creation.

Doesn't that sound amazing? Sounds wonderful. Everything is set up to help make you happy. You can have what you want, but how does intuition do that? Like a college textbook often says that's an exercise left up to the reader.

Bring the law of attraction into your life

There's so many things that we want in life. It might be, you want a new job. You want to start a business. You want to have your dream career or find the love of your life. We want to manifest these things and they say your intuition is going to give you the hints on where you can look to manifest these things.

When I first started to develop my intuition right away I wanted to ask it all these kinds of things like, What job should I look for? What is my purpose in life? And I expected an answer from my intuition with details like names and addresses and phone numbers.

And the big lesson for me was finding out that intuition doesn't always give you the complete answer all at once. What I figured out was to tap into your intuition, to manifest what you want. You need to do three things and I'm going to give you some examples on how this works.

1. Intuition gives you guidance

Know that intuition is guidance. It's not the answer. And that's because intuition isn't always going to give you the name, the address, and the phone number. It will be guiding you along your way and you make decisions as you go. You have free will, and that's the way of the universe.

So here's my student, Melissa, and her story of how intuition helped her manifest, not only what she wanted, but more through giving her guidance. And this is in her words. So Melissa says:

“I was speaking with my intuition and made a request and knew what I ultimately wanted, but I didn't know exactly what it would look like, but I was willing to get uncomfortable and surrender to the “how” I wanted to get a contract.

I was willing to travel based on the value of the contract, but I more so had a desire to be with our daughter, and I didn't know how the two could co-exist because of my past experience. It was either a big contract and travel or a lesser contract and stay closer to home.

Long story short, I woke up on a Sunday and my intuition told me to call this lady and we were catching up a bit and she told me to reach out to someone we both knew while I was on the phone with her. I texted him the next day. Someone from his circle of influence called me. By the end of the day, there was sending my company paperwork.

The contract was for over $174,000. And that was way more than I had asked for, with no travel at all, all remote. I can take absolutely no credit for how this came about nothing, but making a request and listening and following my intuition. Does that make sense? This wasn't marketing or sales or any business development.

This was waking up Sunday and hearing my intuition to call this person today and it all unfolded from there.”

So that's a wonderful story from my student, Melissa, who has developed her intuition to the point where it's easy for her to hear the guidance, to hear the call.

Often when we put it out there to say, this is what I want. Then we are guided to taking the steps to get what we want. Maybe even more. We are then allowed to make decisions to take our intuition guidance or to take the steps, to accept what we're getting that comes before us, or to let it go by.

2.  Intuition gives you clues

You need to watch for the clues. It's not always the detailed “do this and then that”, and then you're going to get “such and such”. This is what happened for another student of mine and how he manifested abundance just by looking for the clues. In his words, this is his story.

“I had a choice between two New York city apartments to choose from when I was young and just moved to the city for college. I had to get a roommate if I wanted to live in Manhattan, I had to choose between a modern mid-rise was someone from my hometown on 23rd and second avenue or a fifth story walk up with a stranger who didn't have a lease on 23rd and 3rd avenue, same general price.

I saw the place on 2nd avenue first. And that person I mentioned from my hometown was actually a very attractive woman who was a few years older than me. She had a job in the fashion industry and got dressed up to work every day. She looked like a sophisticated Manhattan night and I was dazzled. We set up the boundary of just being roommates if I moved in, but you couldn't deny our chemistry, things could happen. And I did think it would have been nice to brag to my family, that I lived in a modern apartment with an elevator. And I told her that, well, I had to look at the other place first.

When I saw the place on third avenue, I felt like it was home. It had exposed brick, huge ceilings and a working fireplace. I was an in an oasis in this new cold impersonal city. It changed my feelings completely about that second avenue place. I knew that the attractive woman would just be a distraction from my true path. I was now a little bit angry with myself for finding her flashy looks attractive enough to seduce me to move into the apartment. And I had no interest in bragging about living in a fancy building with an elevator. This place just worked for me. So I took it.

Strangely, my new roommate hardly ever came home. At the end of the first month. He finally did show up and say he was moving in with his brother because he didn't feel comfortable living with a stranger. The two bedroom is now mine. He told me I would need to meet with the sub-letter who lived in the walk-up next door.

When I knocked on the sub-letters door and middle-aged man greeted me and asked me to come in. His place was beautiful. Like out of an interior design magazine, it was such a disconnect from the dingy walkup hallway. He was also quite nervous and I was pretty sure I smelled alcohol on his breath. I knew something was shady was going on. And I remember leaving with the mantra in my head. If you do the right thing, things will work out.

And that's what I did for a year and a half. I slid the rent check under his door every month and I saved every cashed check. So after a couple months of settling in and living there, my downstairs neighbor was being loud one night, I knocked on his door to ask him to keep the volume down, but I also wanted to meet him.

He ended up telling me all about the building, including how no one pays rent. He said that he felt secure because there was a program in the city that provides leases to tenants who were living legally, but the landlord doesn't provide them with the lease. He said, I could apply for one. And I could also file a complaint for an over rent charge at the same time and name the sub-letter. My neighbor was never allowed again.”

I'm going to stop here and just point out some of the things that this gentlemen had gotten from his intuition, giving him a little bit of guidance here and there. So first of all, he was talking about how he was attracted to the second apartment, because it felt like an oasis, it felt like home, all the things that attracted him, even though the other one on the outside, having a wonderful, beautiful looking roommate and the apartment was modern with an elevator. It was the other apartment that felt like home, that attracted him. And that's why he picked it. And all of a sudden his new roommate never showed up.

Then he heard from his intuition, if you do the right thing, things will work out. This was right after talking to the sub-letter. Even though he had a disconnect and didn't feel good about this guy, he just followed his intuition. That said, if you do the right thing, things will work out. That was probably a quick pop in his head of a thought. He did that for a year and a half.

Then after a few months of living there, his downstairs neighbor was loud. So, he followed his gut to just go down and talk to him. He also, because he not only did he want to tell him to turn the volume down, but he said he also wanted to meet him. That was that feeling. Coincidentally, this gentleman told him about this program where he could apply for a lease from the city, because he hadn't been given one by the landlord. You could see his intuition was guiding him pretty much along the way, all this time. So let's continue.

“It took several months. But one day in the mail, I received papers from the city that provided me a lease through the government. No one would ever kick me out. A month later, I got a letter from the sub-letters, lawyer offering me $10,000 to cover the rent overcharge. I hired a cheap housing lawyer to confirm what I suspected the sub-letter wasn't even liable for the overcharge. The landlord was. My lawyer advised me to take the money. It's free money.

I remember him saying I was now living rent free in a two bedroom on the corner of 23rd and 3rd in New York city and had $10,000 in my pocket. But I had to do one last thing to wring my hands of the sub-letter. He had filled the living room with old furniture as a way to claim the space, the thrift store type of stuff. I knew what I had to do, but was afraid. I kept hearing nothing will come of it. Nothing will come of it.

So one night on the eve of trash day, I took all his furniture and put it out on the third avenue sidewalk and the rest of the trash. Then I called him knowing I would get his answering machine. And if he wanted his furniture, it's out on the sidewalk and I never paid him another penny, but 13 years I lived rent free. No one believed me or understood it, including my family, but it changed my life.

I graduated and I was able to work freelance and travel the world. I never even flew in a plane before, but now it was traveling to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. I just fell into this situation. I wasn't being aggressive in my dealings with a landlord or a sub-letter. There was no anger emotion. I just stepped into a situation that changed my life and the lives of the people I saw every day.

During those years, I painted the interior stairs, fixed the roof a couple of times and was really like the mayor of the building. When the buildings finally sold, the landlord did try to scare the tenants. He put eviction notices on everybody's door. I remember telling myself and everyone in the building don't panic and everyone listened to of the eight units got scared off and left saying they were just happy they lived there rent free for all those years. It's a pity because they could have walked away with the $435,000 that the rest of us settled for.

Yes, they had a nice run, but within intuition, abundance can be unlimited when we just trust it.”

So that's a story. And it's a wonderful story because all along the way, my student was recognizing his intuition was guiding him and telling him what he needed to do. And he made out with a wonderful place to live and much, much abundance. So this is an example of number two. Intuition gives us clues, got to watch for the clues and little messages, right? It wasn't in this case telling him, oh, “stay in this building. You're going to make a lot of money off of it.” It was little clues to do certain things.

Remember number one was guidance. Remember that intuition gives you guidance, not specifically the answer and the way it gives you. The guidance is number two. It gives you clues.

3.  Act on your intuition

And the third thing I want you to take away from this today is you have to work on developing your intuition. So you can do the last step, which is to act. You have to be able to know when your intuition is giving you that message.

When it's repeating those short little phrases to you, or when you have that knowing, or you've got that urge, like Melissa had to go pick up the phone and call someone, even though that person wasn't the one who ultimately brought her what she wanted. It led to someone who did. And she knew because she knew her intuition was talking to her because she's developed hers. And it's clear as a bell when it does talk to her.

So those are the three things, and this is the best way you can use your intuition to work with the law of attraction so that you can manifest the things that you want.

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