How to Use Your Intuition on Vacation

Using your intuition on vacation becomes your best travel buddy, here's why.

If you're going on vacation traveling is the best time to use your intuition on vacation and practice being connected to your higher level guidance. I’m on my way to Japan to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara to see sacred temples and shrines, as well as the sites. Then on to one of the most mystical places in the world, Indonesia.

This is especially true if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before or have been to but not frequently. Things may be new to you and you may have lots to discover and experience. That means lots of opportunity to use your intuition!

These exercises in exploring or using your intuition in different situations can help you even when you’re not traveling. It’s a good example of how to explore the world you live in every day and use your instincts to help get you through anything, no how small.

Since I’m writing this from the plane to Japan and then Indonesia, I invite you come with me on my trip I’ll share with you my adventures and how I use my intuition and connection to the guidance that we all have.

Finding opportunities to use your intuition is actually very easy because you are always making decisions. And, like most decisions, we don’t always know what to choose, or we may have many things to choose from. Whenever I’m in a quandary over what to pick, even if it is a choice on the menu, or a video in the plane entertainment system, I always employ my intuition.

On this trip, I did just that. Here’s how you can do the same, and I’ll show you an example.

When you’re presented with a choice and have to decide, here are three steps that you can take to work with your intuition on vacation.

1 – You look over your choices and none stand out, you can’t decide.

They either all look blasé or perhaps they all look too good. Most likely they all look mediocre. Shut of your judging mind and pay attention to what draws you, it might be anything that draws you; a feeling, a color, a name, or perhaps the item reminds you of something you like.
In my case, I was checking out the videos on the inflight entertainment system. There were a dozen videos on places to visit in Japan, but none of the places listed any familiar sites I had studied to visit in Kyoto, my most looked forward to destination. I as a bit disappointed since Kyoto is pretty popular for tourists.

Here are some screen shots of the choices:



2 – When you discover that you’re having a hard time deciding with your logic, turn to your intuition to help you.

It’s good practice too! Here's how I did it:

In this case, I was drawn to Nobu's Japan, mostly because I know Nobu is one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC and every time I scrolled past this one I was slightly drawn with curiosity to it. BUT, I skipped it over three times scanning the list. Until, I thought okay I give up, no locations are listed that we're going to visit. So I'll go with what my intuition was drawing me to and watch Nobu's Japan.

3 – Don't forget to let go and not worry about the outcome.

You may be surprised at what awaits you.

I was pleasantly, albeit somewhat shocked. As the video started, Nobu, the chef and narrator, said he was creating a special and unique menu by going to some spiritual places in Japan, in this case it was Kyoto. He went there to the oldest Tendai Buddhist temple in Japan and talked about the sacred site, it's monks and their practices in life and with food. Wow, how cool is that? It gave me such a unique and interesting insight into the  ways of the private Buddhist monastic life in Kyoto. Probably better than a tourism video!Kyoto Map

So, when you consciously use your intuition to make decisions to explore things unknown, let go of judgement and take a chance. See where it takes you. You'll never know unless you follow what you receive.

For me it was even more poignant because the next day I received a ‘message' through a synchronicity at the Senso-ji Shrine in Tokyo by essentially a form of I-Ching with a prayer. It said, quite literally, “Though you want and try to make a thing perfect, it hurt your mind,” so let go!

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