How to Unlock Your Intuition's Full Potential

The best way to develop the full potential of your intuition is to practice using your intuition with a good intuition technique. But there are good ways to practice and bad practice habits that can actually push your intuition farther away. I’ve found that many people love intuition exercises. Practicing to master any skill will make that skill become fluid and second nature to you. It is the fast path to a strong intuition that is clear and understandable. You can then call on your intuition any time and you’ll be confident that you can get useful information that you can understand and take action on.

You can make significant progress in developing your intuition by practicing in a group of like-minded people who are at your level of development and are also interested in improving their intuition. These groups are usually called Development Circles. A circle is usually led by someone who does the coordination for the group, though the best circles I found are the ones where the leader is more experienced and is like a teacher. This way you gain the benefit of having a knowledgeable and experienced leader help you through the exercises. I have been in a development circle for many years, which just continues to increase my skills more and more. I was surprised though that even after the first 6 months that my intuition became vastly stronger with surprising results.

The way a circle works is there is usually a theme or one particular exercise done when the group gets together. The advantage of being in a development circle is that you can get much more validation in what you have received intuitively than you could by yourself. This is because you have a partner that can validate a variety of things that you receive intuitively.

Sometimes a circle will have one person be a sitter, this means the rest of the group will intuitively pick up information for this person. This works nicely because the sitter can validate what others received. It’s almost like having a whole group reading for you. Just like an intuitive reading where you would go to a reader and ask them to give you intuitive messages, as a sitter in a group you get to be read by a lot of people! Of course, this is all practice. Then the next session someone else can be a sitter.

There are a variety of exercise types a group can do. Here are a few examples: Remote viewing which is having the group use their intuition to pick up details of a place they haven’t been to. As I mentioned, doing a practice reading for someone else in the group such as giving the sitter intuitive information about their family relationships, work situation, or even their pets. The questions to get intuitive information on can be kept broad to protect privacy.

Some circles are closed, meaning you have to be invited to join one; others are open where anyone can join if you just request it. It’s important that you find a circle where you feel comfortable with the others in the group and in particular that you are comfortable with the group’s leader. Some inexperienced groups can be a good start since most are open and are usually formed informally. The problem with an informal group is they often don’t stay together too long since it does take effort to keep the logistics and group coordination going. If you are in an informal group then someone should take the lead to guide and select what exercises to do.

A good group has an experienced leader who you can learn from. A group leader who is experienced and knowledgeable can also help you discover your intuitive messages that you may be ignoring or overlook. Often times a group leader who is a teacher will also be able to intuitively see or sense what you are seeing or sensing intuitively, and that can be a great help! A formal development circle will meet on a regular basis and have a good exercise structure to follow. I teach people in my classes and my own Circle that I lead, the best ways to do a group exercise as well as how to give feedback in the exercise as a sitter.

Again, group members in a circle can also be important. Sometimes there are, what I would call, detractor group members who are there more to trump up their Egos. They are good intuitives and already are quite skilled. These detractors will want to show you how good they are rather than want to work with you. They’ll regale you with stories of how great their intuitive hits were in the past. They can be very intimidating. It’s important to find a group of beginners or people whom you feel comfortable with and where the group works well together. This is also where a good leader is important. A good leader will manage the detractors, and in the best case not allow those people who will be detractors in the circle.

You can find development circles online and if you’re lucky you may be able to find one close to where you live. I have found good groups are not easy to find. Though most of the groups I have found were through word of mouth. I have an Intuition Development Circle that I lead for my students and anyone who wishes to be part of one. The circle opens a couple of times a year for registration. If you’d like to join my group you’re welcome to join us at:

Development Circles can meet in person, or on a teleconference or over a webinar. They all work equally well. These days you can even find groups on Facebook, though these social media groups are often more open and loose in how they are run and who joins.

So get out there and practice! If you can join a development group, even better! You’ll soon see your intuition skills really skyrocket!

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