How to Manage Your Energy

I’ve gotten so many emails from readers asking “How do you manage your energy?” that instead of answering each one, I’m going to answer it here for everyone.

The old Chinese masters have passed down secrets about how we can manage and control metaphysical energy in our bodies.

There are three ways to do this; through movement, breath, and, most importantly, thought.

Because the sensing of energy is how we receive our intuitive messages, studying how to work with energy increases our intuitive skills. The stronger and healthier your own energy is, the less other people’s energy will affect you.


By moving your body by walking, yoga, Tai Chi, dance, bicycling, or just doing house work, you are moving the energy in your body which gets it flowing. This helps move energy through you to balance areas of deficient or excess energy and clears out the toxic energy. QiGong, which is literally “Energy Work”, prescribes special exercises and gentle movements designed to move the energy in your body properly, to increase it or decrease it where needed. This helps keep you healthy and assists the energy to flow in and out of your system easily. Here are some key points about moving to get the energy to flow well; stay relaxed and don't tense up, keep your joints supple and not locked as you move. Also, this will help you more easily feel the energy flowing in your body.


Breathing also helps move energy and you can use the breath to facilitate the it's movement in and around your body. As you breathe in, imagine drawing in pure divine energy. This can be very powerful. As you breathe out you can imagine you are sending energy out in a particular direction. Send out the negative energy you may have accumulated, sort of like dirt or pollution, into the ground where it will be neutralized. My Chakra Clearing and Energy Shielding Meditations can help you do this. You can buy the mp3 in my e-store.


The final important key to working with energy, is using your thoughts. Energy follows thought. Using your thoughts and your imagination are the tools for directing, manipulating and controlling energy. Plus, it's easy! Just as when you were a child, and you pretended you could do magic, or send rays out of your hands like Iron Man, that is the imagination you use to move energy. It actually, really works. With every thought we think, energy reacts to that thought by moving. So learn how to manipulate your energy and the energy around you with your imagination. When you do so, you'll tap into your intuitive guidance system because energy is the language of your intuition. By moving energy with your intention and your imagination, you can control and move energy to pick up intuitive information about things. For example, you can expand your energy field to connect with a place or area you would like to pick up intuitive information about.

Because we are always moving in a sea of energy, and that energy is feeding our energetic body, it informs us of what is happening around us. It is important that we pay attention to how this process works. Just as we can live better by knowing how the food we eat affects us, we can do the same with knowing how energy affects us, and how to nurture it and bring ourselves into mental and physical balance.

If you’d like to take a class on learning more about working with your energy and intuition, I have on a class called “Intuition and Energy” just click on the link to see it:

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