How To Know You’re Getting A Sign from Divine Guidance

There’s a story about a man whose house stood by a river as its water rose during a storm, threatening to flood the town and his home. This man was older and didn’t have a car or a way to leave his home, but nevertheless he had great faith in God and felt he would be protected.

As the rains fell and the waters continued to rise, as he looked out his window he could see the water creeping towards his house. Just then a policeman came by and knocked on his door offering to give him a ride out of town to higher ground. The man refused and said, “I’ll be okay, God will save me if need be,” and the policeman went away. The waters rose further and reached his home.

Soon the first floor of his house was filled with water. The man went to the second floor where it was still dry. He looked out the window at the water now just under the sill and just then a boat with a neighbor in it came by and yelled, “Jump in, I’ll take you to dry land.” But again, the man refused, saying he knew God would save him if need be.

The waters continued to rise and soon the man had to climb on his roof to escape the water. Just as he reached the top of his roof, a helicopter came by to rescue him, but he still refused saying that God will save him. Needless to say, the poor man drowned. In heaven he met God whom he asked, “Why didn’t you save me?” God replied, “I tried. I sent you a policeman, a boat and a helicopter, but you refused my help.”

Okay, so this is not a true story, well maybe it could have been. It’s about missing your divine guidance, missing the help from the Universe that is supporting or perhaps saving you. Divine guidance, assistance and help can come in the form of coincidences, synchronicities and symbols. It’s our job to not only believe in them, but also recognize them when they pass by us and take action. We always have free will to refuse the message and then it will pass us by.

I have several synchronicity stories that have made major changes in my family’s life. One I wrote about in my blog on our cat D’Artagnan. Actually, I just realized another one from long ago when I was applying to colleges, which literally changed the course of my life. This was after I had gotten my degree in PsychoBiology and I was applying to graduate school for Electrical Engineering during a gap year. During that time I was working as an administrative assistant to make some money before going back to school.

The daughter of my boss came into the office one day and we started chatting. As we talked about my applying to colleges she suggested that I apply to Columbia University. I scoffed and said, “I’d never get in. I’m a psychology major applying to an Ivy League school for one of the toughest technical majors.” She insisted saying, “You’re smart. You did well in school, why not? The worst thing they can do is say no.” I thought, she’s right, why not?

Well, you know the rest of the story. I applied and was accepted! But, more than that, Columbia University is where I met the love of my life and we’ve been happily married for over 2 decades! The synchronicity or coincidence was someone just happening by who makes a suggestion you otherwise either hadn’t thought of or had rejected earlier. I then took action. Alternatively, I could have continued to refuse the divine message and stuck with my original college list and I would have missed the opportunity.

What can you do to notice your divine messages through synchronicities and coincidences? Here are some steps:

  1. How do you know it’s a synchronicity?

    You can look out for all the pieces seem to fall into place, even though they seem a bit odd at first. Perhaps something is pointing you in a different direction than you would have thought to take.The path will seem easy to you when you take action. There have been times when I’ve pushed for a solution down a very difficult path I insisted on taking. It was almost the opposite of synchronicity. Every step was difficult, as if I was being pushed back. The end result was never good.

  2. Use your intuition.

    Does it feel right or okay to you? Is there that subtle feeling of peace with it?

  3. Take action.

    The most important thing is to take action. Take the step. The opportunity may come by once or twice or maybe even three times, but you don’t want to run out of chances because you don’t know how many you have.

What you can do to increase your synchronicities, is to be on the look out for them. They have certain characteristics. The path is easy and open to follow. Sometimes strange coincidences happen through a person, a circumstance or event. It’s almost as if it’s waving a flag at you to say look here!

Here’s my synchronicity cat story on my blog for another example:

Don’t let your opportunities pass you by, notice the Universe has your back, you’re always supported. Your dreams do come true!

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