How To Know What Your Intuition Is Telling You

When I discovered that I could figure out what my intuition was trying to tell me, I was elated. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! That’s how you do it, and it’s not that hard!”

Most of the time when you get an intuitive message, it’s more likely to be a feeling. People say, “I feel like something’s wrong,” or “I have a funny feeling.” Feelings come in a variety of ways. One evening in church choir rehearsal where I sing, I had a distinct feeling that someone was standing behind me even though I knew no one was there. As I paused to notice that feeling, I asked my intuition a question, “Who’s there standing behind me?” Then I focused on the feeling that was still there. The feeling reminded me of when a man, not a woman, stands next to me. The feeling was of someone larger and taller than I am. It was a solid masculine feeling rather than soft and feminine. I asked again, ”Who is standing behind me, is it someone I know?” I immediately had the picture of the church’s Music Director, Tim, who had passed a few years ago in my mind.

The other day, I had called for service to fix my cable television in the morning. The customer service representative set up the appointment for the same day and didn’t give me a time. At about 2:00pm in the afternoon I had an urge to check on the appointment and called them back. It turns out that the appointment was never scheduled because all the technicians were assigned for that day, and the rep was supposed to call me in the morning to let me know, but he never did. It was a good thing I followed the urge and called to check.

When you get a feeling or an urge, you can ask your intuition questions about the feeling, just like I did, or you can follow your urge. Using a cycle of questions can help you piece together the information. Now, that being said, I should let you know that often these little feelings and urges are not necessarily warnings of danger. Many people are afraid that’s what their intuition is telling them. Intuition is giving you information about all kinds of things in your life, not necessarily bad things. Most of the intuitive information you are getting is benign. So don’t be afraid to follow your intuitive feelings.

To get more detailed information on deeper more serious situations, you can develop your intuition skill so you can ask and direct your intuition to assist you. It’s not hard, you just have to have a technique to follow and practice. As your intuition skill develops you will be able to master using it for all kinds of things.

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