How to do an Intuition Meditation

Do an Intuition Meditation For a Stronger Intuition

The reason why if you do an intuition meditation it helps your intuition is that it trains your mind to notice the quieter thoughts, images, and sounds that make up your intuitive messages. You don’t have to “turn off” your thinking mind to notice your intuition, you just need to be aware of when your intuition is “talking” to you.

Most people can’t turn off their minds anyway, in fact, no one can. You can make your active thinking mind quieter, so the “you” that is observing all that mental activity can become more aware of the passive intuitive mind that speaks in pictures, symbols, words and flashes of concepts.

The key to quieting your active thinking mind is having something to focus your attention on that is simple and repetitive. At the same time the process should relax both your mind and your body without having you fall into a deep sleep.  Actually, you naturally go through a short meditative mind state every night before you fall asleep.

What it Feels Like When You Meditate

Meditation is a relaxed mind and body where you are just witnessing the thoughts and experiences in your mind rather than being compelled to follow them. You are paying attention to them only as a witness. This process of relaxing and focusing our attention brings us into a meditative state and the more we practice, the deeper into meditation we can go into the “Theta” state of consciousness, which is the deep relaxation state before you fall asleep.

When you meditate properly, you may feel like you're drifting off to sleep, but you aren’t quite asleep, you are still aware.  You may see images or have thoughts that pop up that you don’t have control over or seem like you’re dreaming, and you are still “awake”.  It is perfectly fine for these images to come up; in fact, this is where you may find your epiphanies or your intuitive insights!

For example, you may still hear talking around you but you may not know exactly what is being said.  It almost feels like a distant awareness.  You may feel body sensations of lightness or floating.  You may feel bliss.  These feelings are okay and they part of meditating.

Some people feel that they are loosing connection with their bodies, and that can be a little disconcerting but it’s okay, you’re just going deeper into meditation.  Just as you fall asleep, you may feel a little disconnected from your body, but the difference is in meditation, you are more aware of what is happening.

How To Meditate For Intuition

A good simple meditation for intuition is to focus your mind on a word that you can repeat over and over. This can be a word, a mantra, prayer, or an affirmation. You can also just focus on your breathing. A more advanced meditation would be to focus on just the pause between your breaths.

You repeat your chosen word in your mind over and over in a slow and gentle way. Another way to do this is repeat the word with your inhale or exhale. When you inhale you think the word and when you exhale you think the word again.

The important thing is to repeat what you’re focusing on and if your mind wanders from your focus “word”, you bring your mind back to repeating it.  This is called a focused attention meditation.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, or you won’t feel an urge to get up and check on something around you.  Sitting is preferable to lying down, so you don’t fall asleep. Sitting up with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor is best for moving the energy evenly through you.

Be relaxed and comfortable in your seated position.  You may want to dim the lights, or put your phone on mute so it won’t disturb you.   There is no ‘best’ time to meditate, just pick a time that is convenient for you.

You can listen to meditation music, but pick something that is gentle and non-invasive and preferably does not have a melody or lyrics that you might want to follow.  I often use meditation music in the background to add to a guided or a focused attention meditation.

Here Are The Steps:
  • Take a few long deep breaths to relax yourself.
  • Begin to repeat your word in your mind, you don’t have to actually speak it, in fact it’s better if you don’t.
  • Each time you find your mind wandering from your repeated word, just bring your mind back to repeat it again.
  • Remember to allow yourself to relax.

You can set a timer with a gentle sounding alarm that lets you know your meditation time is done, or in the beginning you can meditate for as long as you can.  Even if it is for 5-10 minutes a day, science has proven it is beneficial for you.

When you come out of meditation, come back slowly by feeling your body and being more aware of your surroundings, open your eyes very slowly.   You may be surprised to find that you went deeper into meditation than you realize.

Too Hard? Try Guided Meditations

If you find this a bit difficult to do for any length of time, you can also listen to and follow a guided meditation. The best guided meditations have a voice that you feel comfortable listening to, which should relax you and give you moments of silence where you can remain in the quiet state. If you pick a guided meditation, find a recording of a voice that is soothing and not jarring or tense.

You may find as you become more advanced in using guided meditations, that you loose track of what is being said, but this is okay as long as you are still aware.  Some people know that the words are being spoken but they don’t know what is being said.  That is fine. Here is a link to Lisa K.'s latest guided meditation: Golden Egg Meditation to Manifest Your Desires.

Last Thoughts to Remember

If you’re not receiving deep meaningful messages, or epiphanies in your meditation, that’s okay!  Many of the benefits, including improving your intuition is happening outside of your awareness. Remember, science has shown that even a little meditation a day can create positive changes in your brain that stay with you!

You can improve your intuition even if you only meditate for a few minutes every day.   Just the very act of being aware of your thoughts, being able to bring your attention to the present, and being able to let a thought go will improve your intuition awareness tremendously.

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