How to Bust Myths and Become Clairvoyant

Being clairvoyant is known as the ability to receive intuitive messages through images. Intuitive messages come to us in many ways. One of the more famous ways is through pictures or images.  People who are clairvoyant can receive these intuitive images outside of themselves or see them in their mind's eye. Working with my students, I found there often seems to be confusion over what ‘seeing in your mind's eye' means. When I bust the myths about clairvoyance, students find they suddenly can receive images as intuitive messages. Let’s bust some myths and then give you some lessons on how to develop your clairvoyance.

Myth 1:

“Clairvoyance is something you are born with, either you have it or you don't.” Most of us were born with the ability to see, feel, hear, smell and taste.  We don't classify ourselves as just a ‘seeing' person or a ‘hearing' person. So, wouldn't it make sense that we can receive intuitive messages through seeing, hearing, feeling and even through smell or taste? We can be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairalient (smell) and clairgustant (taste) all together. Many times people feel that they are only clairsentient because they recognize more of their intuitive messages through feeling.  But that doesn't mean that they don't get messages clairvoyantly, OR cannot develop clairvoyance.

Lesson 1:

After developing my intuition skills I have become very clairvoyant, even though at the start I did not see any images at all. I didn’t even recognize them; I thought I just saw black. I had a deep desire to be clairvoyant though. Through intuition development techniques I am now very clairvoyant. How can you do it? First, believe that you can be clairvoyant, because you are a seeing person. By practicing noticing images in your mind and even creating them through your imagination, you become more familiar with your ‘mind's eye'. This is how you start. You can further your practice by looking at pictures, paintings and drawings in magazines, museums and books. When you are looking at a picture with your physical eyes, close your eyes and in your mind, imagine the picture you just saw. This will help you become familiar with what ‘seeing in your mind's eye' means to you.

Myth 2:

“Clairvoyant images are seen outside the body and are in full brilliant color and high definition detail.” There are two myths here. First, most of the Clairvoyants who receive messages as images ‘see' them in their mind's eye. This is the same place where your imagination creates images. Remember, these are not images outside of you. If you can spell your name in your mind by picturing the letters, you can receive intuitive images. Secondly, another misconception is clairvoyant images are highly detailed and elaborate, they often are not.

Close-up of Great Horned Owl, Bubo Virginianus SubarcticusLesson 2:

The images that you see clairvoyantly are usually not in full detail and they may not be complete. For example, you may see a face clairvoyantly, but only see hair shape and style, but the face features are not clear. Clairvoyant images are often piecemeal. Many times your first impression is only part of the image, but if you try to remember more of the image, you'll realize there was more in there that you saw. Keep in mind these images are in your mind's eye, not always outside of you.

Myth 3:

“Pictures in our imagination are different from a clairvoyant or intuitive image.” People expect that an intuitive image is going to be strikingly different from what we experience when we are imagining something. An intuitive image is very similar to an image that you create in your imagination. While you are not imagining a clairvoyant image in your mind, these clairvoyant images comes to us is similar in fashion to imagination. Another misconception is where your mind's eye actually is. It actually isn't any particular place in your head, and even if it is somewhere in your brain, you can't really tell anyway.

Lesson 3:

Quite a few students tell me that they can't create images in their mind's eye. This is partly because of where they think their mind's eye is. Some people have been told that if you close your eyes and look at the center of your brow, where your third eye is, your clairvoyant images reveal themselves. You don't have to do that, plus it may be a bit uncomfortable to do. You experience your intuitive images the same way you imagine images in your mind. For example, imagine you are standing in front of your home. Can you imagine what the front of your home looks like? That is how clairvoyant images appear in your mind.

There's nothing mysterious about how to receive clairvoyant intuitive messages. It's important to remember the images are not detailed and may be just pieces of an image. Practice your clairvoyance and you may soon find that you're receiving intuitive messages through those pictures in your mind.

Have fun with your intuitive images, because you are clairvoyant! Practice by going out and notice images and pictures you see around you. Pay attention to what you see in detail outside of you. The more you notice outside of you, the better able you'll be to notice your inner intuitive images. Let me know what your thoughts are on receiving images as intuitive messages and what you think of clairvoyance!

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