How to be more intuitive automatically

I am going to let you in on a strange secret. When I was studying about the nature of intuition I discovered this secret and it surprised me. If you're a struggling to be more intuitive, I've got some great news for you. This secret made me realize becoming intuitive is easier than you think.

This secret is so fun and it also involves a little science, which I love. So let's dive in.

I often talk about how our brains are wired to be intuitive. Intuition has many characteristics of how the right side of our brain works. It also turns out that as we get older, our body chemistry shifts into a mode that naturally allows us all to be more intuitive. So for women, there is a hormonal shift after menopause, and that seems to be pretty obvious to all of us, but also for men, there is a natural decline in testosterone.

This actually makes both women and men more intuitive. And that's a good thing for you because we're all aging as time passes and you naturally become more intuitive.

During and after menopause in her book, The Wisdom of Menopause, Dr. Christiane Northrup says that we women go from “alternating current of hormone fluctuations every month” to which she calls “direct current” all the time where our hormones stay at a constant level, and this helps us access our intuition. “The intuitive wisdom that was once available most clearly during only certain parts of the menstrual cycle is now potentially available all the time.

For men, a natural decline in testosterone for men who are getting older, allows them to be calmer and less aggressive in general. And that allows an easier reach into their intuition. This is because intuition, by its nature, is easier to access when you are quieter and a bit more introverted. So middle age and aging is a good thing for your intuition.

You truly become the wise one. And that's through the benefit of both life experience and experience with your intuition. The more times you experience your intuition and recognize it, you can then remember how it came to you and know the next time it happens again.

As you get older, you have the benefit of experience helping to reduce your worries. When giving my son advice, I often find myself telling him when he asks, “how do you know that?” I say to him “from experience“, and that's because we've been around the block, so to speak.  It's on the other side, it's coming because it's come before and you've experienced it.

You know what actions to take or not to take because you've done it before and it worked or it didn't work. So this all gives you the perfect mindset for listening to your intuition because you're a bit calmer and perhaps more trusting. You've also had more intuition experiences just by virtue of time passing.

You have had more opportunity to experience intuition. You can remember when it appeared and what it was like, then the next time it comes, you might say, “Oh, there it is again. I better listen to it.” Now, of course you can accelerate your intuition experiences through deliberate intuition exercises that is practicing and doing intuition exercises. But even when you practice your exercises, can you imagine as your life goes on, how much more powerful your intuition can become?

So let me give you three ways you can allow yourself to become more intuitive as you become older.

1) Embrace your age with a positive attitude

Relax. Knowing that as you age, there are great benefits waiting for you becoming the wise one, or perhaps you are a bit older and you are the wise one. And as you slow down and become more reflective internally, perhaps even more creative, it's a very natural way to connect to your inner guidance to your intuition as you grow older.

2) Listen more and speak less

Allow yourself to be open and use your experience and intuitive feelings to tell you when to speak by being silent more often, you'll also be open to your inner voice and hear it more clearly. So that's number two, listen more and speak less.

3) Honor the old wise ones

Because you are one too. Remember that older doesn’t mean you have to reach a specific age. As each year passes you are older. You're older so honor yourself and your inner wisdom.

So this is all good news for all of us. You are naturally intuitive because you were born that way and it only gets better. As you get older, you can lean into your intuitive side and feel confident that not just that it is there, but it is stronger and it's easier to access. This certainly is a wonderful secret I discovered.

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