How strong is your intuition?

Do you have a strong intuition?

Your intuition is your superpower. You know it's in there. You may be wondering — I seem to have some access to it so how do I use it? Sometimes you may not even be sure if you are intuitive. Or maybe you’re not sure if it's working or not, it just seems sort of random. How do you get strong intuition?

That is what I really wanted to know.

What is it? How do I get it to work for myself? How can I use it to do things, help me make the right decision? How do I make it tangible and accessible? Well, I figured it out. Working with so many people I found that we all go through very definite steps of intuition growth and development.  It starts with this. 

Sometimes you know it's there, but you’re not sure whether it's actually working or whether you can actually do anything with it. But you start to wonder, there seems to be some magic to intuition. It knows things you couldn’t have known otherwise. Maybe if you could tap into it, access it, then who knows what greatness awaits me! I’d always be guided to my higher self, achieve my goals and have a better life. 

There are a lot of reasons why people want to develop their intuition; you want to connect your inner guides, you want to pick up good vibes, you want to know that the small voice is speaking to you loudly. Clearly, you want to get that guidance for your highest good or be able to recognize your intuition and know that you're on the right path to be guided all the time, for your highest and best good.

Stop Second Guessing Yourself

I love some of the things that other people have said in the past about fine tuning it, to have a strong intuition so you can stop second guessing yourself.  Be able to trust yourself more. Know what it is that your inner self is really telling you. These are all the great things that we all want. We want to know it's a real thing.  That we can rely on it. We can trust ourselves and that we are on the path to our highest good, because we know that our soul contracts, our inner being, wants the best for us and that we can get there.

The only way that we're going to get there is by following our intuition, because it knows – even though we don't know, even though you can't see it – your intuition knows the right thing for you, the very best thing for you.

In my quest to develop my intuition I was able to grow my skill to the point where intuition was something I could trust, know how to access on demand and get detailed information from it. I was able to take action on my intuition any time and have great results. 

Learn to get Strong Intuition

My intuition was able to tell me that I needed to do more when I was sick, and it saved my life. Not one of the doctors I saw was paying attention to me. I wasn't getting anywhere; I wasn't getting any help. My intuition gave me more detail on what I needed to do, the steps I needed to take to call a specific doctor to help me, who to call, when to call, and what to say. All the details I needed, and it was quite accurate. 

Now I teach others how to do the same with their intuition. There is a definite intuition development success path, I call it, that we all go through when we develop our intuition to become stronger.  Along the path we go through stages. The following is how it works. 

These are the stages we go through in our intuition development journey.

1. Random

You start out where it's random, where your intuition seems like it's just happening to you every now and then. You're not sure if it's really your intuition or if you're making it up, if it’s wishful thinking or other thoughts of emotion and guilt. 

  • Your intuition experiences seem random
  • You wonder if you have intuition
  • You want your intuition to be more dependable
  • Your intuition seems vague and you don’t know what it means
  • You’re not sure if it’s your intuition or if you’re making it up

In this stage you are learning that your intuition is a real thing and you want it to be an asset under your control.

2. Consistent 

We move into the next step, which is getting a little more consistency. You're now starting to be able to recognize your intuition, because you understand the difference between your thinking mind and your intuitive mind. It might still be random, but you can recognize it now and you're beginning to practice exercises to help you feel your intuition.

  • You can always recognize the consistent characteristics of intuition
  • You can easily distinguish intuition from your thinking or imagination
  • You are aware of your intuition instantly and pay attention
  • You easily know what the different intuition experiences are like
  • You Are beginning to practice good intuition exercise

Now that you’ve started to see some consistency, you want control over your intuition to be more reliable and appear at your command. 

3. Reliable

What you want now is you want more control – so it can be more reliable, so it can appear when you want – as opposed to just showing up whenever it wants. This is where you can make your intuition happen when you want. You have a technique you now use which allows you to make your intuition appear when you want. You know more about what it's talking about, what you could use it for. You’re seeing you can now make small decisions with it. 

  • You can make your intuition happen at your command
  • Your intuition is more targeted
  • You know who and what your intuition is about
  • You start to use your intuition for little decisions and get results
  • You consistently practice intuition exercises with others and are pleasantly surprised at your success

Your intuition is reliable but now you’d like more accuracy with your intuition to help you make decisions. 

4. Accurate

You know it's starting to work for you and you want your intuition to now be more accurate and help you get more information and more detail, rather than; go here, turn left, talk to that person. Having an accurate intuition is where you have the ability to get more information and you can receive intuition in ways that you trust, and that you are now able to take action with your strong intuition because you have the details. 

  • You have learned an intuition technique and how to get more information
  • You start to receive your intuition in multiple ways about a particular situation
  • You can get intuitive specifics about where and when
  • You trust your intuition more
  • You learn to ask more questions to get the most detail from your intuition
  • You start to use your intuition more often in your life 
  • Your intuition exercises are helping you be faster, more details and accurate

You now want to get intuitive information that you can act on and use.

5. Actionable

The next thing is that you're making your intuition happen on command. It's reliable rather than waiting for it to happen. When you're trying to make a decision with your intuition, you know all the forms of how it comes to you and gives you lots of information in a multitude of ways. You want to be able to use it in any situation whether you're in stress, distressed or a crisis. That's the last step of this: actionable. Being able to use it unconsciously and get all the information you need in motion as you're going through life. 

  • You use your intuition technique almost unconsciously
  • You learn to use intuition tools for difficult situations
  • Your strong intuition is now full of details you understand on why and how
  • You rely on intuition when faced with significant life issues
  • You fully trust your intuition and know it is always there
  • Your intuition gives you information to take action
  • You're making better decisions with intuition, getting you the results you dream of.

This leaves you wanting to be the master of your intuition, leaving an impact in the world by living with your purpose. You’ve reached intuition mastery!

Which color do you think you’re in? Do you believe you have strong intuition? 

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