How Can I Tell the Difference Between My Mind Chatter and My Intuition?

One of the most common questions I get about intuition is:

How do you know when it's your intuition speaking to you, and not just your mind chatter or imagination?

This is how. There are two parts to the answer.

  1. The first is you need to know the characteristics of intuition.
  2. The second is you need to know how to practice using your intuition, so you can know what intuition is like for you.

There’s a lot that can be said about both of these that can fill entire courses, but I’ll give you a quick overview now to get you started.

Intuition has certain characteristics that give you a clue, it’s speaking to you. Intuition is not Egotistical. It will not put you on a pedestal, and it won’t put you down. So, if you think that your intuition is telling you you’re better than someone else, it’s not your intuition. Intuition speaks in symbols as part of ‘her’ language.

For example, your intuition may be a flash of the color red in your mind. The red color could be a symbol based on what red means to you. For you it may mean love, for someone else it may mean anger. The meaning is what red means to you personally. If you get enough symbols, they can form meaning for you.

For example, if you see a couple walking down the street and you’re curious about their relationship. Your intuition may present to you three images, a red rose, a pair of gold rings, and a glass of champagne. The meaning of those intuitive messages could be a wedding or engagement.

There are many more ways intuition can appear to you and more characteristics, but the key is that intuition is not judgmental, it has no Ego and it is not deduction. Those are all specifically your thinking mind.

Secondly, the only way for you to really know if it is your intuition is to practice having experienced when your intuition being “right.” How do you do this? You have to have a technique when you can trigger your intuition to act, and then collect all the intuition pieces pop-up.

When you collect the pieces, they will make sense to you. Then you practice that technique with intuition exercises, so you learn to know how to get those pieces and when you are interpreting them correctly. Just like the example above of the red rose, rings and champagne, you can interpret the intuitive message meaning.

The key is to practice and keep working at it. Like anything else, the more you practice the better you get and that’s how I was able to know what my intuition was telling me to save my life. The best way to develop your intuition skill is to learn about how intuition comes to you, then actively work on developing it. Everyone can do it, it’s not hard, it just takes doing the exercises and practicing.

It’s also important that you practice the right intuition exercises. There are a lot of poor intuition exercises out there. If you’re interested in how I developed my intuition, with the best methods and techniques I found work for everyone. Let me know if you’d like to learn and I’ll show you how.

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