How to Declutter and Manifest More in Your Life!

Are you making space for new energy to come in? Declutter and manifest more! Even if you like having your ducks in a row, keeping them in a row isn't always easy, especially when you run out of space for your ducks! One of the best ways to manifest things you desire quickly is to prepare space for new energy to come to you.

Being organized, neat and clutter free sets up your space to allow the energy to flow easily. This is all energy basics. Energy wants to flow and the more it does, the more quickly it can create things for you. But if you have too many ducks you'll run out of space, and that means no energy flow.

I'm a great with putting my ducks in a row, but when I ran out of space for my files, my books and things, I realized, I really need to work on decluttering. Perhaps this is why life sometimes feels like it flows and then bumps and stutters. The energy around me was not flowing evenly.

Recently, I had help from Niki Payne, a realtor, who is also an expert on decluttering and has helped dozens of friends and clients clear out their clutter. While I’m not a hoarder, I knew that I had lots of stuff that needed to cleared out, but over the years I didn’t seem to be able to get over the hump to do it.

As time went by, I knew I should clean out, but I always had enough room to put things away until I could “get to it later”. When I finally filled up my basement and no longer had space for my stuff, I knew I really needed someone to help me.

We all accumulate things as time goes by. You buy something that you think you can use later, we hang on to things that bring back good memories or make us feel good, or you feel it is worth a lot of money so you keep it. We keep things just in case or mostly for emotional reasons, like making you feel more secure.

We become committed and attached to our stuff. Our commitment isn’t something we have control over either, apparently scientific studies show that the more we hold on to something, the more attached we become to it.

Researchers gave test participants coffee mugs to handle and examine before participating in an auction. They wanted to see if the length of time people held the mug would have an effect on the amount of money they'd bid for their mug. Some participants were instructed to hold the mugs for a shorter time than others.

It was discovered that those who held the mug for a longer period of time were willing to pay more than 60 percent more for their mug than those who held it for shorter period. Moreover, those who held their mugs longer more likely opted to keep their mug. None of those who held the mug for a shorter period kept their mugs. The conclusion is the longer you hold and touch an object, the greater value you give it and the less you want to part with it.

Holding on to old things, keeps their old energy around us filling up the energetic space where new energy cannot come in. It is important to clear out things that are no longer needed or no longer serve us. If we want to move toward the future we have to let go of the past.

The first step is to get motivated by writing down all the good things you will get from decluttering.

Help motivate yourself:

  1. To manifest bigger things, the more energy you need to allow to come in. The more you declutter, the more you can manifest!
  2. Free yourself from the heavy burden of old worn out things that are no longer useful and just takes up space.
  3. A cleaner more expansive look and feel in your space will energize you.
  4. Help others while you declutter. Items that are still in good shape but are no longer needed or you no longer use can be donated to those who will put good use to them.

Easy steps to declutter:

This is how we started to declutter my house. We began with having a destination for my clutter, which wasn’t necessarily the garbage can!

  1. Have a list of places where your decluttered stuff can go. If you don’t have a destination in mind for your decluttered stuff then it may not make it out the door. You can create a staging area where you have a stack for different destinations. This puts your decluttered things on a the first step out the door. For example, here are some places your things can go to:
    • Recycling – I had a lot of paper for recycling,
    • Goodwill or other charities that take donations,
    • household refuse facilities which usually handle electronics recycling as well,
    • people you know who may find your old things useful, local rummage sales.
  2. Start with things that you know you have been planning for a long time to get rid of but just can’t seem to get around to doing it. Those are things that have been around the longest. I just tossed some very old papers I've kept from 10 years ago. I knew it had to go. Some things are just so old they aren’t useful any more. You might be surprised, do you still have the yellow pages? Who uses that anymore? Perhaps it’s that 8-track tape player, or the cassette player you haven’t used in a long time? Toss it.
  3. Start small and work your way up. If decluttering is hard for you, maybe you take a small closet that you hardly ever use to clear first. Sometimes decluttering someone else’s stuff is easier, like your child’s old toys. Be careful of getting rid of someone else’s things, they may have more value on it than you realize. You may want to ask them before you get rid of it.
  4. When you go through your things, ask yourself the following questions; does this item uplift me and give me joy when I look at it or think about it? is this item something I love or give me happy loving memories? is this item truly useful? These questions will help you get started in sorting through things you want to keep or get rid of.

The great thing about decluttering is even a small amount can have a big effect on the energy around you. As soon as you take the first small steps, energy starts to move and momentum can build. This immediately has an effect on the response from the Universe to support you energetically.

So begin with something that is simple and you'd be amazed at how it can create big changes in your life. For me, the moment I set in motion the steps to declutter, a book collaboration opportunity showed up for me, the publicist I wanted to manifest appeared and I was invited to host a new radio show on a spirituality based network.

Decluttering can make positive changes your life. These are just a few ways to get started on decluttering. Niki had more amazing hints, suggestions and techniques for getting through my clutter in a painless quick way that really surprised me. I feel so good having gotten rid of so many things I knew somehow I had to let go of. She showed me how to select what to let go of, keep essentials and a pare down the volume of stuff.

I felt even better about the things I kept because I knew why I was keeping it and what value they gave me. Decluttering doesn't mean you have to get rid of everything, it is a way to recognize the things that no longer serve you or energetically weigh you down and let go of them. Start to declutter your space and you can manifest more in your life!