3 Ways of Getting Unstuck By Letting Go

What's holding me back? Why can't I move forward? Those are the questions we often ask ourselves when we feel stuck, when we feel like we've run into a dead end. But, actually it isn't that the road ended, we just hit an obstacle. Often we can't get past that obstacle because we are carrying too much stuff. To move forward, we have to let some of that stuff go.

The Buddhists call this detachment. Detaching seems difficult and somewhat repulsive, but it's not really. The Buddhist detachment is quite broad by definition, but to make it easier, lets first detach from the things we really don't want. It starts with small steps and allowing ourselves to let go.

Here are 3 things we may need to let go of and small steps to detach from them:

The Outcome –

You've worked so hard, attending to every detail, making sure you've covered everything, and have taken steps to avoid all the possible issues. You keep thinking there must be more I can do. There is, you can now let the Universe take care of the rest. The best outcome is the one that you allow the Universe to bring you for your Highest Good, which might be different (and better) from what you thought it would be.

The Person –

There's always that one person that you can't seem to let go of, mostly in your mind. Often these are people you really dislike, or someone you like but dislike some aspect of their behavior and you know that they're just taking up too much of your mental energy. The first step of letting go starts with how you think about them. You can let go of the drama that they've drawn you into. You don't need to play the part. You can be in the audience and just be the witness. You can't change their drama, but you can choose not to be part of it.

The Thought –

Many times the thing that holds us back are our thoughts about ourselves. We judge and criticize ourselves into paralysis. We have doubts and fears that turn into reasons why we can't go forward. The best way to deal with those thoughts is with another thought. When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop immediately and think of something else; it can either be a positive affirmation you believe about yourself, or it can be something completely different. Sometimes something completely different works best to get your mind out of the cycle of negativity.

Thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive words will attract positive energy to you. You'll find yourself changing because it's also conditioning. Letting go step by step conditions yourself into being able to let go of more that holds you back. So start with positively conditioning yourself out of the dead end, go past the obstacle and back into the flow.

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