Energy Hunting to Improve Your Intuitive Feelings

Every place holds different kinds of energy from the environment and mostly from the people who frequent there. Just as you feel “at home” in certain places and other places feel unwelcoming to you, there is often an energetic reason for that. You may want to go energy hunting.

People's thoughts, emotions and just their personal energy field will affect the environment that they are in, which can be where they live, work, or where people gather to do the same kinds of activities. That's one of the reasons why I like going to sacred places, or places where people go to pray or connect to spirit. Often the more people who pray or do spiritual work in one place, the more the spiritual energy will be infused in that spot that you can feel and absorb yourself!

For example, a few years ago, I was searching for a new home for my parents. One particular place was very nice, newly renovated, all new appliances, fixtures in the kitchen and bath. All the flooring was new and the house was just right in terms of number of bedrooms and location. As usual, I walked around to not just look with my eyes but also feel with my “energy senses” which is often just your physical and emotional feelings in your body. In this particular house there was a loft in the garage. It was quite a large space that you could walk upright in. As I walked around in that space, I felt a very uncomfortable feeling that was quite strong that was accompanied by a familiar energy buzz that I come to know means “hey there's something not good here!”

We really liked the house, and it had everything going for it, so it bothered me that I felt something energetically that I didn't like. So I asked some people who lived in the area and knew the house, who lived there before and what were they like? Long story short, it turns out that there was a woman and her teenaged daughter who lived in the house before the seller did. The current seller had just bought the place to fix it up. This woman and daughter fought all the time and didn't get along. The daughter was quite unhappy and wanted to move out but she couldn't. As a result, the daughter moved into the loft in the garage, and lived there! She obviously left a bit of her unhappy energy behind.

That is how you can learn how energy feels in your body, and sometimes you can get more validation and information about what the energy means. We all can feel energy; we are built to sense information from metaphysical energy. Through practice and experience you can learn what the feelings mean to you. This is how you develop your intuitive sense of energy. Next time you're out an about, try to be aware of your feelings, both physically and emotionally. The feelings may not be yours but coming from the energy around you!

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