Come Out of the Intuitive Closet

Your intuition is your inner divine guide. It is where our inspiration and epiphanies come from. It is the inner voice that tells us the better way to go, or your feeling that you need to make a change that turns out to be just the right thing.

You may have experienced your own intuition in the past, for example, you thought of someone you haven’t seen in a long time and then they call you.  More commonly, men have a “gut feel”, women have “feminine intuition.” Intuition is defined as knowing, without knowing how we know it. It is a knowing that just comes out of the blue which we can’t explain.

Intuition often seems to appear just at the right time and right place. Sometimes the messages are life changing. Other times, it seems to be precisely what we need to avoid an obstacle, or perhaps a break through in solving a problem. The intuitive messages can be more mundane. Intuition isn’t always an in your face life saving event, it can be a sudden “pop-up” of a thought or a feeling about an every day activity. It could be an urge to bring an item on the way out the door, that you don’t know why you should bring it, but later you were grateful you had with you. Perhaps you’ve experienced the “it feels like it’s going to rain” on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, and later it does rain. You may be getting ready to drive to work, and have an image of traffic appears in your head, and on the way you run into a traffic jam.

Some of us believe we are intuitive but are afraid to admit it. Intuition is mysterious, and some people prefer to think that it doesn’t exist. This is because intuition is rarely discussed and only reaches the news when there’s a disaster someone avoided because they ‘listened to their inner voice’ telling them to go the other way. In general, we don’t talk about our intuition, much less learn how to use it.

If you believe you have intuition or want to develop your intuition but don’t know how, don’t blame yourself. Intuition is one of those “best kept” secrets that others don’t want to talk about. As a result, it is mysterious, and unknown. The first step to build your intuitive skills is to accept that you are an intuitive being, because we all are. Then the next step is to make it a way of life, a part of your every day activities. Remembering to use your intuition is like remembering that you have a useful tool you never had before. It requires that you change the way you think.

Do you remember when there were no smart phones?  Now that we have smart phones we can change how we do things. We can get rid of all the paper maps we used to carry in the car.  We no longer have to leave notes around for our loved ones or housemates, we can text them or send them an email. Need to find a restaurant near by or a gas station? Use your phone to search for one! In fact, they are so smart, they know where you are and can tell you how to get there.  Intuition is just like having a smart phone in your pocket but never using it. We forget that it’s there, or that it can be used to help us. We are all intuitive, you are intuitive, and there are no exceptions.

So the first step to being intuitive is to accept that you are intuitive, and remember that you can use your intuition all the time.  Believing is key to getting your intuition going. You need to believe that you are intuitive and you can be open receive intuitive messages which are subtle.  The second step is to try to remember times in your past when you were intuitive. You may not think that you’ve ever had an intuitive experience, but you have. Remembering your past intuitive experiences can help you begin to develop your intuition.

Over the next day or so, try these two steps; first believe and accept that you are an intuitive being, second see if you can remember times when you were intuitive and write them down. No matter how small or insignificant you think your intuitive experience was, note it down. Often times in describing those experiences to others we have said, “A weird thing happened to me…”, “it’s funny that I just happened to… have a feeling… bring for you… think about…” Those are your intuitive experiences, so take notice, and write them down. Make a list of them.  As you make this list you may find you remember more intuitive experiences, or perhaps you start to see them happening during your day.

You are beginning making your intuition more conscious in your every day life and really see that you are intuitive. So come out of the intuitive closet and allow yourself to live a more exciting and rewarding life!

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