Can Your Intuition Be Wrong?

One of the most frustrating things people experience with intuition is that they think their intuition was wrong, or that it doesn’t work. There are many reasons why you may think your intuition doesn’t work. Usually that’s when most people give up and say they can’t do it, their intuition doesn’t work, or they aren’t intuitive. There are many reasons why you miss your intuitive messages. Everyone who is highly intuitive, and even those who use their intuition professionally, have doubts and at times misinterpret their intuitive messages. So, don’t get down on yourself. Don’t give up. You are intuitive. Your intuition works just fine. It is true that the more you’ll grow your intuition skills the better you’ll become and less likely to have a miss.

Lets go over the reasons why you may think your intuition is wrong.

  1. It’s an intuition about a possible future event that hasn’t happened yet.
  2. It is a symbol and you have taken it literally instead of as a symbol. This can also happen because you are not familiar with your own personal symbols yet. Some symbols are easily identified. For example a heart may symbolize love for you. In working with one of my students I helped her discover that her symbol for illness was a funeral, and when she received ‘funeral’ it did not mean death.
  3. Sometimes the intuition message is answering a different question than the one you thought you asked.
  4. You’re looking for a particular answer that your intuition won’t give you.
  5. You misinterpret what your intuition is telling you.
  6. Your intuition answered the question you asked but you asked the wrong question for what you wanted information for.

It happened to me.

I had to take a very strong medication for my bones, which can have some very uncomfortable side effects in a small percentage of people taking the drug. I tend to be sensitive to medication was so concerned that this strong drug was going to knock me out with side effects. I was so worried I would feel it immediately even as the medication was administered. I asked my intuition how the injection would go and what would I feel right after I received the injection of the medication. I received that it all go well and that I wouldn’t feel the side effects much at all. Well, I was hit with bad side effects that lasted quite a long time. I was disappointed my intuition was ‘wrong.’ Well, actually, it wasn’t. The injection went fine. I was actually surprised I didn’t feel anything during the injection, which took 30 minutes.

I went home and felt pretty good, nothing at all other than being tired. I was happy that I seemed to have skirted the side effects, until 8 hours later it hit me. It wasn’t pleasant to say the least, and it lasted for days.

Was my intuition wrong? Well, it was right in answering my specific question, which was, how would the injection go and what would I feel right after it? I didn’t ask how would the drug effect me longer term.

If you are working with my technique to get your intuition to happen when you want by asking it a question then you can think about the question you asked your intuition and see if your question missed the mark, not your intuition. Were you looking for a particular answer, that is wishful thinking? Did you ask a question that was too specific? Whatever the result was this time, you can let it go. Trust that your intuition is right; it just may be your interpretation that was wrong.

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