Can you lose your intuition?

After speaking to lots of people about their intuition, I hear many of the same concerns. The biggest one is that they’ve lost their connection to their intuition from childhood and can’t get it back.

When you were a child, your mind was much more open to the world and everything around you. You were in learning mode since that’s important to you growing up. You didn’t have your judging mind developed to criticize what you did or thought, you just allowed yourself to be. This let’s your intuitive mind be heard when it speaks. Your intuitive portion of your brain is fully functional all the time, so you can’t lose it. You can drown it out with your mind chatter of your thinking mind.

But to hear it again, you just need to calm your self-judgment and be open to intuition messages and their characteristics. Get back to allowing yourself to just be. Be whoever you are in the moment, without fear of punishment of some kind. After all, the pop-up images or words you hear are just pop-ups. They don’t have any value other than what you give it. It is in those pop-ups that your intuition is speaking to you. Just like in meditation, where you let your thoughts go by (and you should let them go by), let your pop-up thoughts, images and words go by. But notice them as they do pop-up, because in them are intuition messages. Sometimes intuition messages, are just information. You don’t have to act on them.

This exact thing happened to me the other day driving to the airport in Dallas, TX. Driving along Route 183 my rented SUV rounded a curve and in my mind popped a thought of the car tipping over. Then I saw a flash of an image in my mind of me holding onto the steering wheel, but I was in this white car on its side, with me all bloody. Ugh! What a nasty vision. Then I thought, how terrible, I guess I’d have to go to the hospital in Dallas for a long while and miss my vacation coming up! It made me a bit sad and upset. My judging mind kicked in and thought, “What a terrible thought, don’t think like that, you’re fine.”

As I did so, rounding the curve and going under the overpass, the highway straightened out and in the distance, going the other way, I could see a long line of police cars and fire trucks with their lights flashing. The traffic behind the accident stretched out as far as I could see. I looked more closely to see what happened, and there was a white car, turned up on its side with emergency crew around it. I thought, “Oooo…. bad accident… then I thought, wait a minute! I saw that in my mind, it was my inner vision!” Now, I couldn’t see that accident when that image flashed in my mind, because I was coming around a curve and the overpass blocked most of the view. I certainly couldn’t have seen the upended car since the accident was quite a ways down the road as it took me a while to come upon it. The flash of the intuitive image was very quick and subtle, but because I’ve trained my mind to notice them, I recognize them when they pop. You can too.

You haven’t lost your intuition connection; you just drowned it out with the noisy thoughts in your head. Once you practice noticing your intuition characteristics, that is how it speaks to you, then you can become more aware of your intuition when it pops up at you. Your thinking mind still talks but you can distinguish between the two. So learn the characteristics of intuition and then be on the look out for the pop-ups it sends you. Practice helps make the pop-ups clearer and more distinct in your mind, so as always I suggest you practice some intuition exercises. Try it! See what pops up for you. Perhaps you have a pop-up intuition story, share it with me, I’d love to hear it.

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