Can What I Eat Or Drink Hurt or Help My Intuition?

I received an interesting question the other day from Bob. He asked me, “I typically consume anywhere from 0 to 50 to up to 100 mgs of caffeine a day. Caffeine certainly does change the “feel” of the brain/mind. Can you tell me if it has an effect on intuition?” An average cup of coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine, in case you’re wondering.

My answer was that caffeine probably doesn’t have a direct impact on your intuition but it may have an indirect effect. You intuition is always working, it’s part of the way your brain processes information. What effects your being aware of your intuition is your thinking mind. If caffeine makes it hard for you to calm down your thinking, then yes, I would say it does affect your intuition.

This made me think of similar questions people have asked about whether what they eat can affect their intuition as well. People have asked whether a vegan or vegetarian diet is better for intuition, or that having a heavy meal is bad for your intuition. Another question I’ve heard is whether medications and drugs effect intuition.

Intuition is dependent on the brain processing information that it receives. In general, if you feel certain things that you eat affect how you think then it will probably affect your intuition as well. Intuitive messages are always there, it is a matter of how you interpret them, or whether you’re able to sift them out from your other thoughts. There are specific thoughts and states of mind that do hinder your ability to access your intuition. Those states usually involve strong emotions, like anger, fear, and anxiety or depression. If what you eat or ingest affect your moods, then, yes your intuition access may be affected as well.

It’s not that our intuition works less well, it’s more likely that we are less able to consciously access the information correctly in our intuitive minds. Let’s take this a little further. If you find that alcohol affects your judgment and your ability to make discernments, then it will probably affect your ability to get your intuitive messages clearly.

By the same token, if you know what foods are healthy for your body and mind and it makes you feel healthier, then those are probably good for your intuition as well. Some people don’t like meat; others don’t have a problem eating meat. For them meat will have different effects. I personally eat meat, but I don’t eat a lot of it because my body doesn’t like it. I also tend to eat lean meat because meat fat wreaks havoc on my stomach. When I feel good, and my stomach feels good, accessing my intuition is stronger and easier. Everyone’s different.

So do what’s healthy for you, because a healthy body is a healthy mind, which in turn will help you more easily access your intuition.

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