How to Build a Habit of Using Your Intuition

How many times have you said to yourself, “Oh I always forget to use my intuition,” or, “I knew that, why didn’t I listen to my intuition?” It’s all about making it a habit. But no one has taught us how to build in an intuition habit. Here’s how to do it.

I could hardly reach my ankles, much less my toes. I was not flexible at all. I’d always been that way. The first time I worked out with my personal trainer using 5 lb weights doing bicep curls, I was sore for 2 days and couldn’t raise my arms and barely could move them to brush my teeth. Forget being able to do a sit up! I’d be flat on the floor with my trainer and trying to sit up was impossible without grabbing onto something to pull myself up! My trainer had to put pillows under my shoulders to help me.  I remember on the airplane putting my carryon in the overhead bin was a strain, I always needed help.

But I did a weekly workout, with my friend who was my personal trainer. She’s encouraging and supportive, but also fun.

One day I was carrying a large box to put away in my basement storage room. It was so large; I couldn’t really see my feet or where I was stepping. As I was walking, suddenly my foot got caught on something, and I started to fall forward standing on one leg as my other one was swept out from under me. Right away, the muscles in my core and my standing leg tightened up to keep me from falling forward and hold myself up on one leg. I didn’t fall, I caught myself. It was because of my strength training and being used to holding myself up on one leg as my body was bent forward. The reason is I built a habit of working out.

Now I can reach my toes, I can do sit up from the flat floor, and my upper body is really strong. I can toss my carry on in the overhead bin and close it without a thought.

But it was after making a habit of strength training every week, and consistently using my strength and building it week after week.

I’m so pleased with the results!

I don’t even think about using my strength, it just happens. It’s part of me.

The same thing with intuition, it is a skill you can grow. Just like strength training, when you work on it consistently, you get so strong and good at it, you don’t even notice that you’re using it in your daily life.

So how do you build a habit of intuition?

It’s about exercising and practicing your intuition; it’s not about trying and saying it’s not working. Because you need practice to experience how your intuition comes to you. Over and over so you can see when it really is intuition and when you’re making it up.

How do you create a good habit so you remember?

Here 3 tips on how you can easily create a habit.

1.  Make it obvious.

Get a tracker. Print out a month calendar and put a check mark in for each day you practice using your intuition and try to use your intuition intentionally.

2. Make it easy.

Practice using your intuition on simple things that take 3 mins or less – what to choose to eat for a meal, which way to go to work – the store – visit a friend’s house, etc.

3. Make it satisfying.

Celebrate your wins! And in a big way! Join a group so you can practice together! That’s what my Circle is about. People are there to cheer you on and support your efforts.


If you just make an easy habit of practicing using your intuition and noticing it you will have a stronger intuition. Before you know it you’ll using your intuition automatically as part of your life.

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