The Best Intuition Exercises

People love intuition exercises
The best intuition exercises can quickly develop your intuition. But there are a lot of bad intuition exercises out there. There is also a right way and a wrong way to do an intuition exercise. One of the most talked about exercise for intuition is meditation. The bad news is most people don’t like meditation; the good news is meditation is not the best intuition exercise.

People use intuition exercises for the wrong reasons
Some people want to see if their intuition works at all by testing it with an intuition exercise. If their intuition does work, then they try to use it on bigger decisions right away. That’s probably not the best way to use an intuition exercise. Some people want to test how good their intuition is. Then they want to improve it, which is the better way to go.

People complain saying, I know my intuition is telling me something but I don’t know what it is.  Learning the meaning of your intuition messages comes with developing your intuition through exercises. Intuition exercises will help you to know exactly what it’s trying to tell you by improving your skill in decoding its messages.

Why Do Intuition Exercises?
The goal of intuition development is to get useful information from your intuition. Intuition exercises that help hone your ability to pick up accurate intuitive information. Over time intuition exercises will automatically strengthen your ability to understand what your intuition is trying to tell you in detail.

When you exercise your intuition you can personally experience how it comes to you and then be more aware of how your intuition is different from your thinking mind. Just as you would need to practice and experience what it is like when learning how to golf, play tennis or swim, intuition development requires the same practice and experience. Learning how to be good at a particular a sport is a great analogy to how to be highly intuitive. You can read all the books and listen to people explaining how to swim, but until you jump in the water and try it yourself, you’ll never know what is it truly like nor will you be able to actually swim.

Intuition ExercisesA key to development is to practice your intuition exercises frequently and consistently. You should remember to use your intuition on small things and practice exercising it whenever you can throughout your day.  You can also join a development circle, which can boost your practicing significantly. The reason why practice is important is because in the beginning of the Intuition Learning Path, you are just getting bits and pieces of intuitive pop-ups. Some of the pop-ups you’ll miss, some you may think are unimportant or believe your thinking mind made it up. As you’re practicing and you begin to get intuitive information that was correct, you will recognize your intuitive pop-ups more easily.

You will become better at triggering your intuition by asking it proper questions and ask them in rapid succession to reveal more intuitive information. The more intuitive pop-up pieces you get the more the intuition message will make sense because it will have more detail. When you get used to doing this, you’ll find you can trigger your intuition more quickly and get information faster. This all comes with a lot of practice. The key is to practice with good intuition exercises and to deal with the results of your exercise properly.

So let’s do some good intuition exercises to strengthen your intuition. First you need to know how to tell a good intuition exercise is from a bad one. Then you will need to do the good intuition exercises properly.  Once you do these two things, you’re on your way to accelerating intuition development astronomically.

The best way to practice good intuition exercises is to practice on a regular basis with a friend or a group and have a teacher there to help you see where you're thinking too much, missing your intuition pop-ups and get you past where you trip yourself up.

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