Are You Too Sensitive to Other People's Energy?

Do you find you take on other people’s energy? Have you ever been near a super angry, depressed or nervous person and you then find that you not only feel their feelings and emotions but you then take them on? Maybe you’re not sure, so how can you tell it’s their energy and not yours?

I never realized I was sensitive to other people’s energy. As a child, I thought my feeling ill or unwell was entirely just me. As I got older I started to see patterns. My stomach was super sensitive not only to food I ate, but reacted to people’s emotions and their energy. Some people are so sensitive to other people that large crowds are difficult for them to be in. Being around intense people is overwhelming.

I remember as a child I was very shy. It didn’t help to be the only Chinese-American in the classroom. I was different in my demeanor and look. It wasn’t that my ‘culture’ was different, I was very American, but my nature was different. There was nothing in my upbringing that was Chinese, we didn’t even speak the language at home. I am actually a 4th generation American as my great-grandmother was born in the United States. So I didn’t consider myself very different at all from my classmates, but I felt different. Part of it was the way I looked, but mostly it was the way my nature was. I felt overwhelmed by the other kids who were energetic, who were emotionally loud, and who seemed immune to those things that bothered me. Looking back on it, I realize now it was because I was sensitive and probably picking up on their emotions and energy quite strongly. Are you like this? Were you perhaps? Sometimes this is called being a highly sensitive person.

You do have control over the energy that you’re picking up. You don’t have to be a victim to its intensity. You can deal with the energy with your mindset and your intention. There are 4 steps to do this.

1. Know that you can control the energy affects you simply with your mind and intention.

2. State in your mind that it is not your energy and you do not have to own it.

3. Ask for your angels to shield you from the energy that you do not want.

4. Ask your angels, “Give me only the information I need to know from the energy I’m feeling and take away the overwhelming feelings.”

The next time you feel overwhelmed by someone else’s energy you now have some steps to take to help you feel better. Are you a highly sensitive person? Not sure? Reply to this email and let me know your thoughts!

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