Angels in Times of Need

Life has its ups and downs, for sure. Sometimes the ups are way up and sometimes the downs can be a bit shocking. When you face the unknown, and don’t know what’s coming, particularly when you've had bad news, it's even more unsettling.

You look for answers, but when you don’t find any, you're at a loss.  When you are in crisis and don’t know where to go, or what to do, how do you make it through the tough times?  How do you stay calm during the storm? How can you receive assurances that really help you?

Believing in something that is greater than we are, something that is more powerful and all knowing, gives us comfort in the unknown. Just as when you were a child, you looked to your mother or father to take care of you because they were bigger, wiser and knew more than you did.  They seemed to have the answers, plus, your parents loved you unconditionally. Deep down, we'd all still like to have that.  That's probably why people believe in God and angels; to believe in something greater than ourselves. I know that's what has helped me get through the tough times. My belief in something bigger than me.

A teacher of mine said that angels are “the deliverers of Heaven's love and guidance.” Angels are pure energetic consciousness and they have no Ego. Their purpose is to enact God's will.  They are always around you, helping you with every aspect of your life. They are the ones who God uses to answers our prayers.

Angels are found in every culture and practically every religion around the world. They may be called different things, but they represent the same concept. Some angels have been named in the bible and many other non-Christian religious texts. In this respect, they can be considered non-denominational. You don’t have to believe in any particular religion to connect with angels, we all can receive messages from them.

Angels are God's messengers. They are the “go between” with something bigger than we are, something that is more powerful and all knowing. When you trust that your prayers and requests have reached that higher power, you are comforted. What is even better, is that when you receive messages back from your angels, that you've been heard, you are comforted in knowing someone, something bigger, is taking care of you.

Even if you don't see or hear them, just knowing angels are there and actually experiencing their help, can be tremendously reassuring and calming.

Knowing that you have a messenger to go “to and from” heaven means you have a direct connection to that All Knowing, All Powerful,  “All That Is”.  Whether you are grieving over the loss of a loved one or a fur baby, or whether you have lost a job, or are facing a health crisis, you have unlimited support from your angels who connect you to God.

Here are some ways that you can connect with your angels in times of stress.

When you ask for angels to help you they always respond, without fail. While you may not see it, or feel it, they bring you what you need.  By trusting that they exist and are around, you'll begin to recognize evidence that they’re there. If you learn how to hear and feel your angels, their messages can reassure you that they are communicating with you.

Sometimes they’ll send you a sign or a message, particularly if you ask for one. The message might be a song on the radio or a word on a license plate that shows up just at the right time to give you the words you need to hear. You may see a white feather just at a time when you’re feeling down to let you know your angels are around.  Sometimes angels will whisper to you through your inner voice giving you words of comfort. Once in a while they may even use someone else to give you an angel message!

You can receive messages from your angels in your mind as a whisper giving you suggestions on where to go or what to do. Sometimes it seems as if they are talking to you in your mind, or perhaps they’ll give you an image that will flash in your mind’s eye. You may even have a thought or understanding that seems to have just popped up out of nowhere.

When we talk to angels, we have to understand that while we talk to them, just as we talk to people, they are not people. They have characteristics that are human like, but this is only so it is easier for us to relate to them. Angels have no ego, so you cannot insult them.  Unlike people, angels can give us strength, grow our love, remove our fear and doubt, or even heal us. They are “the deliverers of God’s will”,  and through them, God makes things happen. Angels help God respond to our prayers. Ultimately, they are ‘one and the same’ with God.  Angel messages are always uplifting, positive and supportive. They will never be negative or put you down. This is one way you can tell that it is an angel message.

You can talk to your angels, because they are YOUR angels and God has given them to each one of us. You can speak to them just as you would speak to a person. While we may say a prayer to an angel, we are not really praying to them, we are still praying to God.  You can talk to angels out loud, or in your mind, and they will hear you. They know what you want or need before you say it. The only thing they cannot do is take away your free will. You need to decide and make the choices, so you need to ask for their assistance. The only exception to this is when you are in mortal danger, and they will intervene whether you ask or not.

Everyone receives messages from their angels all the time, we just don’t realize it, or recognize it. It is something everyone can do, and with practice you too can receive and hear messages from your angels more clearly.

When you are in distress, or in need, or at a loss, your angels are there for you. To help you and guide you. That is their mission from God.  Whatever it is you are going through, no matter how big or small, how serious or traumatic, they are with you every step of the way, to help and assist you through it. When you receive your messages back from God through your angels, you begin to trust that something greater than you is supporting you and giving you guidance on how to get through the storm.  You no longer have to fear the downs in life.

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