An Intuitive's Guide to Working With Energy

The language of our higher self is spoken to us through our intuition and intuition communicates with us through the language of energy.  That is why I love to explore and learn about it.

The ancient Chinese Masters learned 5,000 years ago that energy makes up everything in the Universe, including our bodies and our minds.   While the Western world is beginning to scientifically prove that everything is energy, the Eastern philosophies have figured out how to manipulate it to create health, wellness and even abundance.

Because we are always moving in a sea of energy, and that energy is feeding our energetic body, it informs us of what is happening around us.  It is important that we pay attention to how this process works.  Just as we can live better by knowing how the food we eat affects us, we can do the same with knowing how energy affects us, and how to nurture it and bring ourselves into mental and physical balance.

On top of this, we can use energy to pick up information around us and become more intuitive. Having great intuitive skills enhances our lives, giving us comfort knowing where to go and what to do through our inner guidance.   By learning how to develop our intuition coupled with learning about energy, we become powerful in our connection to divine wisdom.

The old Chinese masters have passed down secrets about how we can manage and control energy in our bodies.  There are three ways to do this; through movement, breath, and, most importantly, thought. Because the sensing of energy is how we receive our intuitive and psychic messages, studying how to work with energy vitally increases our intuitive skills.

  1. By moving your body by walking, yoga, Tai Chi, dance, bicycling, or just doing housework, you are moving the energy in your body, which gets it flowing. This helps move energy through you to balance areas of deficient or excess energy and clears out the toxic energy.     Qi Gong, which is literally “Energy Work”, prescribes special exercises and gentle movements designed to move the energy in your body properly, to increase it or decrease it where needed.   This helps keep you healthy and assists the energy to flow in and out of your system easily.   At the same time, it increase your awareness of your intuitive sense of energy, and the messages it contains while strengthening your ability to sense messages so they are clearer to you.  Here are some key points about moving to get the energy to flow well; stay relaxed and don't tense up, keep your joints supple and not locked as you move. Also, this will help you more easily feel the energy flowing in your body.
  2. Breathing also helps move energy and you can use the breath to facilitate its movement in and around your body.  As you breathe in, imagine drawing in pure divine energy.  This can be very powerful.  As you breathe out you can imagine you are sending energy out in a particular direction.  Send out the negative energy you may have accumulated, sort of like dirt or pollution, into the ground where it will be neutralized.
  3. The final important key to working with energy, is using your thoughts.  Energy follows thought. Using your thoughts and your imagination are the tools for directing, manipulating and controlling energy.   Plus, it's easy!  Just as when you were a child, and you pretended you could do magic, or send rays out of your hands like Iron Man, that is the imagination you use to move energy.  It actually, really works.     With every thought we think, energy reacts to that thought by moving.  So learn how to manipulate your energy and the energy around you with your imagination.  When you do so, you'll tap into your intuitive guidance system because energy is the language of your intuition. By moving energy with your intention and your imagination, you can control and move energy to pick up intuitive information about things. For example, you can expand your energy field to connect with a place or area you would like to pick up intuitive information about.

There are ways you can shield yourself from negative energy or energy that you don’t want to experience. The amplitude of your energy, which is the LOUDNESS of your energy, will overwhelm the energy of other things. Have you ever noticed that when you’re near someone who is extremely happy and excited, the energy rubs off on you? By the same token if you are near someone who is very, very depressed, sad and down, that you feel it as well? Sometimes their energy is so “loud” that you can’t help but absorb it and feel the way they do. If you are a sensitive person you’ll pick up and absorb all the nuances of that energy until it becomes yours. The solution is to turn up your own energy so it shields you from energy of those around you. If your energy is ‘louder’ than the Negative energy around you, you will drown it out and not be affected by it. You can stay light and happy yourself. Remind yourself to observe those people and not absorb their feelings, thoughts and energy. Remember energy follows thought. If you can’t do that, then your intention can create an energetic shield against the negative energy. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1: Pull your energy back in to yourself – close to your physical body with your intention.

Step 2: Imagine a shield, like a force field, or a wall made of steel, titanium, or diamond, whatever is strong to you.

Step 3: You can physically move away from the ‘source’.

You can imagine being in an energetic egg of protection with energy that allows the good to come in but the bad bounces off. You can also use a physical shield, by putting something between you and the negative energy source, or simple step back, or walk away.

Energy work is healing work, as well as a way to understand more about yourself and your inner guidance. When you develop your intuition you can make clearer decisions, find meaning and happiness, and create a richer life for yourself and everyone around you.

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