7 Things To Do When Your Intuition Isn’t Working

When you try to use your intuition and you were wrong, it can be frustrating. Perhaps you question whether it was your intuition or not. How do you access your intuition so it works better for you?

Here are 7 things you can do when your intuition isn’t working.

1. Do forgive yourself

Forgive yourself, or perhaps more, forgive your intuition for not being clear! It’s not that your intuition isn’t working and it’s not that you cannot be intuitive. You just aren’t familiar yet with how your intuition sounds or feels. Or you may be good with intuition, but it isn’t working for you just at this moment. So you need to give it a rest. So forgive yourself and try again later.

2. Do believe you have intuition

I was surprised to find out that I am intuitive, because for the longest time I thought I wasn’t. In the beginning, every time I tried to use my intuition it didn’t work, my “intuition” disappointed me. You have to believe you have intuition because you do.

3. Don’t compare yourself

The biggest downer to improving your intuition is comparing yourself to others and their stories of amazing intuitive messages they’ve gotten. The movies don’t help because they dramatize how intuition works as if it were magic. When your mind wants to compare you to others, it is actually your Ego raising its head and making judgments. Ego is the intuition killer.

4. Do commit to figuring it out

In the beginning, before you have a chance to develop your intuition, you are in the baby stages of figuring out how it works. If you commit to figuring out how your intuition works and how to use it you’re on your way to building a strong and useful intuition you can rely on.

5. Don’t try to force it

Sometimes the harder you try to figure out what your intuition is telling you, the more elusive it becomes. If you allow your intuition to guide you rather than expecting it to tell you THE answer, you may discover that it was working all the time. You may have just been given a part of the entire intuitive message and you need to allow your intuition to give you the rest.

6. Do let it go

Your intuition guides you along the way to the right solution. You may have heard your intuition correctly, but it is only part of the answer. It could be that the path you were led down was to help you gain experience you needed for the next step. There is a bigger picture in the Universe that you are not aware of. If it seems like your intuition was ‘wrong’, let it go and see what comes up next.

7. Do learn an intuition technique

To have a strong intuition that works reliably you need to practice a technique for using it that works. Intuition is not a mysterious thing if you know how it works and how to work with it. Go out and learn a process or intuition technique to build your intuitive skill, because you can!

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