5 Steps to Sharpen Your Intuition

I’m often interviewed on podcasts and radio. A radio interviewer once asked me the question, “So what is it like to be highly intuitive all the time?” It was an interesting question, and I realized that people must wonder what it is like to have your intuition turned on all the time, is it like the movies? Are you bombarded constantly with intuitive messages and people’s thoughts? Do you see scary things? I’m going tell you what it’s like and how to sharpen your intuition in 5 steps. So, keep reading!

If you’re like me, you may not have started out thinking you were intuitive. Maybe you have a strong intuition, or you want to sharpen your intuition more or you’ve just begun to realize you have some intuition. So, what is it like once you sharpen your intuition to a high level? Well, it’s not always magic. You still have your worries and doubts. Even people with the strongest more reliable intuition have their doubts about themselves.

If you want to have a sharp intuition, the key thing is you have to remember to use your intuition and be open to intuition’s language all the time.

Once you’ve sharpened your intuition, even though it speaks to you all the time, you need to pay attention because you can easily ignore it. Once and a while it’s a little more urgent than other times so it is important know what intuition sounds like because you can override its urgency. This happened to me once walking in Brooklyn with my son, and I heard it, but I caved to outside pressure.

My son, Chris, was taking me to see one of his favorite spots in Brooklyn where you can see Manhattan from a pier overlooking the East River. The pier was brand new with a large apartment complex behind it. We walked towards the pier along a side road that ended in a T-junction. The building at the end of the T-junction had scaffolding and netting the completely covered the face of it. I couldn’t tell if it was being built and empty or just being repaired.

As we walked closer to the end of the street, I began to feel very uncomfortable, as if I didn’t want to get close to the building. I noticed my intuitive feelings but then my thinking mind analyzed the situation. I saw that it was an apartment building with many cars coming in and out of the garage.

Logically, I told myself that the building seemed occupied and perhaps it’s okay. But that intuitive feeling persisted. I told my son my hesitation and that I wanted to go a different way. He argued that we only had a short way to go around the building and the pier is right there. I gave in and followed him.

As we rounded the building, I spotted a drug dealer in his white Mercedes with tinted windows parked under the overhang. I glanced quickly at him and noticed his ‘bling’ as well as several people nearby who looked like they were his customers enjoying his products. We quickly walked past them and reached the pier.

My intuition was right in warning me and even though nothing happened. I was not happy with myself letting my son convince me to go where my intuition didn’t want me to.

I am not constantly bombarded with intuitive information all the time. In fact, it’s probably easier to miss my intuitive information than be overwhelmed by it because the messages are so subtle.

Intuitive messages are never scary, they may alert you, but they don’t scare you. You can easily miss them.

Becoming more intuitive involves learning how to use your intuition, using a technique that you can practice many times. Eventually, your intuition skill becomes stronger. But you can sharpen your intuition day to day by doing a few things.

Here are 5 steps you can do to help to sharpen your intuition:

1. Get a good night's rest.

And/or try to take time to meditate or rest your mind. Your mind is the place where your intuition will be recognized in between your thinking, so you need to take care of it. If you are over tired and confused it will be hard to be aware of your intuition. Your brain gets tired and needs rest! Your brain needs some down time, even if for just 5 minutes during your day.

2. Make small decisions.

Each time you have to make a small decision you can use your intuition to help you. You can do this the first thing in the morning, what should you have for breakfast or lunch? This helps you practice engaging and listening to your intuition.

3. Acknowledge if you are highly sensitive.

Some people are highly sensitive and are overwhelmed by other people. Too many people in busy spaces are unsettling, or encountering an unhappy person, even if they don’t speak to you, leaves you feeling drained. You may be highly sensitive and not know it. People like you need to heighten your awareness of how your environment affects you and it will help to know how others affect you. Being highly sensitive may overwhelm your ability to decipher your intuitive messages with too much noise. If this is the case, you may need to take a break from other people every now and then to learn how to hear your inner voice more clearly.

4. It's ok to misunderstand.

As you are learning how to interpret your intuitive messages, you may misunderstand it. That’s okay because you are working at developing your intuition skill. So, don’t get down on yourself for what seems to be wrong intuition. It may just be your misinterpretation of it.

5. Be patient.

Remember to use your intuition whenever an opportunity arises to make any decision. BUT, if you have to make a big decision and you are not confident in your intuitive abilities, then don’t use your intuition to decide. Wait until you feel more confident in your intuition skills. If you give up too early, you’ll miss the great reward of having a precise, honed and sharpened intuition!

You can sharpen your intuition just like any other skill. It requires a bit of patience and understanding of what intuition is really like. That way you know what to expect as you’re working on it. You’ll get there, everyone can!

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