3 Ways Music can Boost your Intuition

If you want to boost your intuition, you don't need to meditate, you just have to use a little music. Here are three ways music can give you an amazing boost to your intuition.

Music is a big part of my personal life. It's always been. My mother is a musician and music has been around me ever since the womb. I started playing the piano when I was very young and I moved on to other instruments.  Now I sing in a big chorus and in a choir at church. I love listening to all genres of music and I always love making music or listening to it. I didn't really think about it affecting my intuition or even how my brain works until I started to put together some Instagram reels. Now, if you're not familiar with reels, it's like TikTok where they are short videos.

A lot of times they have audio clips playing in them. Since I just started created them I'm not a super genius at this or expert at it, but I found the audio could be either music or audio of people talking. I had to watch other peoples reels just to figure out how to do a one. While doing so I found something really interesting.

I found that the music was really captivating. For me, trying to find music that I like, is not too easy because I'm really picky. If you know me, you know that I love to access my intuition when I'm being creative with social media. I never thought that I was creative at all until I started using my intuition to make social media posts, especially with pictures and photos that I choose for those posts. Even the cover of my book was an intuitive inspiration that came to me. Later after the book was published, people who bought the book gave me feedback saying that it was the image on the cover of the book that drew them to it.  With social media reels, I'm experimenting with combining music, with images, video, and the lyrics and the sound of the music and the images all come together and a kind of an intuitive click that says, “yes, that sounds right, that feels that's right.”

As I thought about about music and putting it together with video, how it might impact my audience and myself, I started to remember what scientists were saying about music and the brain. It engages both sides of the brain and this whole mind experience is what we want to have to become more intuitive. This is because being able to use our whole brains leads us to that aha moment, those epiphany's or insights that each of us would love to have. We all want that light bulb moment that propels us forward.

The problem is, is that we get stuck in our thoughts that are twirling around in our minds. We think so much, we can't find our way out. You want that intuition pop with the right decision to make or the next right step. That's going to be the winner.

Music can do this for you. It can help you practice using your whole brain by just listening. Music is very powerful when it comes to insight, it comes when it comes to getting those pops of aha or epiphany's. In an article in Psychology Today, they said that Einstein attributed his scientific insight and intuition mainly to music. Once he said, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music, I live by daydreams and music. I see my life in terms of music. I get most joy in life, out of music.” Einstein's son, Hans, amplified what he meant by recounting that quote. “Whenever my father felt that he had come to the end of the road or into a difficult situation in his work, he would take refuge in music. And that would usually resolve all his difficulties.” And then after playing the piano, Einstein's daughter said that he would get up saying, “There, now I've got it!”

So something in the music will guide his thoughts in a new and creative direction. And science, by the way, is moving towards seeing music as this whole brain phenomenon, as opposed to music being only in this part of the brain or one side of the brain versus the other. They're starting to realize that affects almost every part of our brain.

When we listen to music or we sing or play an instrument, we are using our entire brain. It's a whole brain experience. And this balances and engages both sides of the brain, which is what we're looking for to get that a high. We want to use everything. Every brain resource, every mind resource that we have available to us. It's that left brain thinking mind and the right brain intuitive mind.

The more we can use our thinking mind “in concert”, pun intended, with your right brain or your intuitive mind, the more you're going to be able to recognize and hear your intuition more clearly. It's kind of like practicing an instrument in music, only this time, you're practicing using your whole brain just by listening.

Here are the three ways to boost your intuition with music.

#1 – Pick your favorite music

Go to your favorites wherever you listen to music. You can go to those videos on Instagram reels, or just go to Spotify or iTunes, or even listen on YouTube. It doesn't have to be those binaural beats and it doesn't have to be meditation or special music, either pick the music that you like. The one that turns you on the one that you can sway to.

Pick the one that transports you. The one that makes you feel great, vibrations lifts you up, or it gives you a great emotional feeling because now you're engaging all parts of you in your brain, your creative side, your thinking side, your emotional side. Remember, pick and listen to music that you like.

#2 – Close your eyes to listen

I have found being a musician most of my life, I've developed my music listening skills and my musicianship to a higher level. And yes, I do study it and I do work at it. And I do practice a lot. I found that I needed to close my eyes to really hear everything.

Because what happens is your eyes actually take away from what you're focusing on. Sometimes there is more “stimuli” when your eyes are open. More is attracting your attention when you have images that are coming into your brain. So you want to just listen to the music. with your eyes closed.

When you close your eyes. One of the things that you may be able to realize is that there are other sounds that are happening in the music that you might not have been aware of before. And you might realize that it's coming to you in different tonalities. It might be high. It might be low. It might be harsh. It might be smooth. All of these things we're listening to. Close your eyes to listen.

#3 – Listen with a headset

I think this is key because stereo sound is amazing when we're listening to music, that's recorded it and it comes through one speaker. It is not giving you the full surround sound stereo experience. This is where you're hearing what they call imaging, and you can actually hear a spatial differential between certain sounds and others. So wearing a headset in both areas, it gives you that stereo sound. When my son moved into his apartment, we helped him set up a new stereo. He had a pair of really great speakers and a great amplifier. He was surprised because before he was used to listening to music on something that wasn't a very good quality.

Now he realized, wow, the sounds come in three dimensions. He said, “It's like, I can actually hear the guitar is over on my left and the drums are on my right!” So these are the things that you start to become more aware of. And that's going to also broaden your awareness to things that are popping up around you, whether it's physical, whether it's actually in your environment or it's in your mind.

I love to find music that is transported. That gets me going. The kind that you want to move to and keep listening to. In fact, it's gotten to the point where I actually really liked the audio and reels more than I liked the pictures. And one of the reasons for the music that you can find on reels being really good is that the most popular ones are the ones that show up.

Now, Spotify is amazing. It has all kinds of music. My family is big on listening to music, all of us, and we love to share what we listened to all the time. So that might be a way for you. If you have friends, you can share music with selections, with that'll broaden you and give you some other experiences with new music, music, and connect all of us in some way.

Now, one of the things I do when I'm out and about, and I'm sure a lot of young people do this, is if I hear something I really like in the restaurant or out somewhere in a store, I'll use an application called SoundHound to find it on Spotify so I can listen to it later or put it in my playlists. You can also use an app called Shazam and I'm sure there are others out there.

So that's one way that you can collect some music that you like to hear. So being more intuitive means using more of both sides of your brain, rather than just living and being stuck in the one side of your brain. If you easily want to improve your intuition skills and help your you exercise using your intuitive mind, just listen to music.