3 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition

Strengthening your intuition is like developing any skill, the more you work on it the better you get. Once you develop it and it becomes a part of you, it works for you all the time. Years ago, I had an intuitive message to check on the status of my PhD dissertation that I submitted a couple of months before, so wrote to my university to check and see where they were with reviewing it.

They immediately wrote back and said, “Nice timing, this is quite synchronistic! Your paper is up for review this week, and your advisor is actually working on it today! We got a chuckle out of that considering the topic of your work.” My dissertation is called “The Intuitive Mind, why everyone has the natural ability of intuition.” Nothing like an author proving their theory works! Then a few days later, I felt an intuitive urge to call my optician to see if my son’s glasses had come in. On the phone, my optician said, “It’s funny that you called, you’re not going to believe this, but I have his glasses in my hand right now.” I said, “I believe it, that’s why I teach people how to develop their intuition.”

These things happen to me now all the time. But there was a time when I didn't get any intuitive messages.

3 things that helped me develop my intuition quickly that can help you too:


Be aware of your feelings, both emotional and physical. We often ignore how we feel. For example, that little pain in your back or leg that you ignore. We all suppress our emotions, particularly when we are with others or at work. Our emotions are the expression of our feelings. When we notice how we feel, whether it is emotional or physical, we are keying into important messages our intuition may be giving us. This is because our intuitive side speaks in feelings.

So while you go through your day, notice how you are feeling. Start with how you physically feel. Be present and notice what your body feels like, your arms, your legs. Do you have any stiffness anywhere? Any pain, or perhaps does it feel good? Sometimes your feelings aren't your own but are something or someone else's. Other times the feeling may be giving you a message to stay away, or to move forward a place, or even an action.


Real intuition feelings are very subtle so you'll have to pay attention. The best way to practice is to be mindful of how you feel as often as you can during the day. It just takes a moment to be aware of how you feel. Start with your physical feelings if that's easier than your emotional feelings.


The next important thing is to celebrate when you correctly recognize your intuitive message. The intuitive messages I received in those stories above were initiated by feelings. I was nudged, or urged by a feeling to do something. Then the key is that I took action. The action resulted in validation that I was right. When you find you correctly interpreted your intuitive message, take note and celebrate! Each time you celebrate your intuition working for you, you reinforce it. If you were not right, forget it. It's simple conditioning. You are conditioning yourself to recognize and act on intuitive messages that you received correctly.

One of my students seems to celebrate and elaborate on all impressions and “messages” that they received, even though they are clearly not right and therefore were not correct intuitive messages. That just results in confusion and it reinforces confusion. Then when they want to know when there is a real message versus when they are making it up, they don't know the difference. So, it is important to just let go and forget your “misses” and celebrate your “hits”. Don't let your misses deflate you, just move on and keep practicing. You'll start to see you will become more successful more frequently.

These little steps can help you develop your intuition quickly. The next best thing you can do to develop your intuition even faster is to learn from someone who has been through developing theirs and to take a class in it. I've found that every class I took helped build my skills even further and I have compiled the best of all that I learned and share it with you in my classes, memberships and courses, so you can develop your intuition skills even faster.

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