3 Metaphysical Energy Boosters for Intuition

When I first began working on my intuition skills, energy was always mentioned as important, but I didn’t know how to work with energy much less how to feel or sense energy. I used to wonder, how do you interact with ‘energy’? I began to study the human energy system and how to work with it. I wanted to learn how energy feels, how to move it, work with it and how energy is connected to intuitive abilities. I'm going to share with you the three best ways to boost your intuition through working with your metaphysical energy.

Here are three boosters or steps to work with metaphysical energy to develop your intuition skills.  I’ll explain how you can do these three and why each of these are important.

1 – Energy system and physical body

The first step in working with energy involves taking care of both your human energy system, which is your energetic body, and your physical body.

The reason for this is because the best energy receiver is your entire human system. You are designed by nature to absorb, pick up and interpret intuitive messages. The good thing about ways to enhance your body to be more intuitive is that it is also good for your general health! There are three things you can do for your energetic health, the first is eat well, the second is to move your body and the third is to still your mind and focus your thoughts to be able to clear and move energy.

The energy in the food you eat is also the energy that your body and your energy field absorbs. So having a good meal of foods that are energetically clean allows your body to absorb the best nutrients and energy more easily from what you’re eating. The healthier the plants and livestock were before you eat them, the higher and cleaner their energy will be. For example, that means eating more organic foods that are grown without pesticides, and eating more meat from free-range animals. These foods are going to be better for you energetically.

2 – Sense energy and work with it

This brings me to our second step in working with energy to develop our intuitive abilities, and that is learning how to sense energy and work with it. One of the best ways to learn how to sense energy is to practice energy healing. I was very drawn to energy healing early on, not because I wanted to be an energy healer, but because I was curious about energy healing and I also felt guided to learn more about it. I am now certified in Crystal Resonance Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Medical QiGong Therapy. Over the years, the energy healing work and studies I’ve done have helped me tremendously in knowing what energy feels like to me. Of the 5 modalities of energy healing I’ve studied, I would say Reiki was the easiest to learn, and is the most accessible. You can learn Reiki almost anywhere around the world these days. Some of the other energy healing certifications I’ve studied take years to complete. What energy healing helps you with is feeling the energy as it flows within you and how to feel it in your hands. Not all teachers will help you focus on working with energy in their Reiki class, but as a Reiki teacher, I do teach you how to feel it and how to work with it because I feel it is important for you to try to experience how the energy feels. Just having the opportunity to experience how energy feels in your body and hands will help you get to know how to sense energy, and how to move energy.

Aside from energy healing, you can also practice sensing energy. The way energy feels in your body is key for intuition development because it is the shifts in energy that you feel that give you information intuitively. You can also pick up energetic messages from objects, such as people, places, items or anything physical, or even non-physical. People who are negative, or have evil intent, will give off energy that you can feel long before you encounter them or get close to them. To learn how this energy would feel to you is important so you can know to stay away from them. I often energetically sense what foods would be okay for me to eat if my stomach is out of sorts. I can sense what foods would even make me feel better by sensing the energy of the food and connecting it to my stomach even if it’s food I’ve never eaten before. I’m usually right. When you are more skilled, you can even sense the energy of a place and pick up information about the people who live or work there.

3 – Interpret different energies

The third step in working with energy to develop your intuition abilities, is to be able to interpret what the different energies you feel mean. After you have become aware of how to sense energy and you’re able to practice feeling it, and even moving it, you can then move onto interpreting the messages that the different energies bring you. One of the mistakes people make in trying to learn how to receive intuitive messages, is that they believe the messages will come to them in complete sentences and great detail. This is because when you go to someone who is a very experienced picking up and interpreting intuition messages, they sound like they are getting downloads of detailed information as if it were a narrated story. I assure you, they are not. What they are receiving is bits and pieces of messages, which may be feelings, a popup image or a word or phrase. They are the detectives in working with this information and putting it together, to make sense of it for someone else.

When you receive intuitive messages or energetic feelings, you receive them mostly in the right hemisphere of your brain. This is the part of your brain that is more abstract and processes information in parallel, rather than sequentially. It is also the part of your brain that cannot put words to meaning. So information comes in pieces and impressions. Your left hemisphere, which is the logical side that thinks in words and sequences, then takes those impressions and interprets them. You can trigger your impressions by using your left hemisphere, which is your logical conscious mind, to ask questions to yourself, and then receive more impressions to help add more pieces to the puzzle. Eventually, you can put the puzzle together to make sense.

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