How strong is your intuition?

Do you have a strong intuition? Your intuition is your superpower. You know it's in there. You may be wondering -- I seem to have some access to it so how do I use it? Sometimes you may not even be sure if you are intuitive. Or

How to do an Intuition Meditation

The reason why if you do an intuition meditation it helps your intuition is that it trains your mind to notice the quieter thoughts, images, and sounds that make up your intuitive messages.

What Inspired Me To Learn About Intuition

Intuition is how we can access vast consciousness and knowledge that is beyond us. Here's what Dad taught me that inspired me to learn about intuition.

An Intuitive's Guide to Working With Energy

The language of our higher self is spoken to us through our intuition and intuition communicates with us through the language of energy.

The Best Intuition Exercises

The best intuition exercises can astronomically advance and develop your intuition. But there are a lot of bad intuition exercises out there. There is also a right way and a wrong way to do an intuition exercise.

The First Two Steps To Market Your Spiritual Business

Boosting your spiritual businesses is all about attracting and then resonating with people. You “attract” to getting someone’s attention…

7 Things To Do When Your Intuition Isn’t Working

When you try to use your intuition and you were wrong, it can be frustrating. Perhaps you question whether it was your intuition or not.

How to Trust Your Gut

You always hear, “You should trust your gut,” “Just go with what feels right,” “use your instinct,” but what does it really mean?

A step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust

Introducing my new book, Intuition on Demand. Come back to center, find your inner guidance, learn to trust your intuition.

Where are you on the intuition development map?

Knowing where you are on the intuition development path helps accelerate and grow your intuition skill so you can advance to the next level quickly.

How to Be Grateful to Boost Your Happiness and Intuition

Being grateful can boost both your happiness and intuition big time. If you want more happiness, greater optimism about the world…

How to Know What Your Intuition Symbols Mean

One of the most frequent questions I get about intuition is about intuitive symbols. People want to know about images that keep popping up in their minds.

How to Find Out What Your Intuition Symbols Mean

Intuition symbols are one of the most frequent questions I get about intuition. People ask how to find out what your intuition symbols mean.

How to Make Yummy Kale Chips

Since I found out that I need to increase my calcium intake, I've been looking at ways to eat calcium rich foods.

Stonehenge – Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Stonehenge is one of the most famous and oldest sacred sites in the world where people started building 5,000 years ago in the Neolithic or New Stone Age times.

What is Intuition?

What is intuition? In this video we define intuition and explain how intuition comes to us.

What my 96 year old Dad taught me about how to live

My Dad who is 96, had a stroke two and a half weeks ago. It was touch and go for a while as he struggled with pneumonia and a second stroke.

5 Steps to Turn on Your Intuition Permanently

I love getting together with people and raising our energy vibration then tuning into our intuition. In my classes or six sensory meetings we have so much fun.

Glastonbury Tor, UK – St. Michael, Myths and Legends

Glastonbury Tor combines, Archangel Michael, ley lines, a Fairy castle, and King Arthur's Avalon in one place! We're going to climb to the top to find out what is there.

The Chalice Well Glastonbury, UK

The Chalice Well is in Glastonbury, United Kingdom and its gardens are at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor.

The Temple Church in London

The Temple Church in London was built by the soldier-monks known as the Knights Templar.

How to Declutter and Manifest More in Your Life!

Are you making space for new energy to come in? Declutter and manifest more! Even if you like having your ducks in a row…

How to Use Your Intuition for Business, Money, Career and Life Purpose

Your intuition is always with you and can give you vital insight into your business, career, work or even life purpose.

How to Increase Synchronicities With Your Intuition

Whenever you make a decision, by engaging your intuition you have an opportunity to increase synchronicities in your life.

Introduction to Angel Cards and Oracle Decks

People love to use Angel Cards. I'm answering lots of popular questions about Angel Cards and Oracle decks, such as “What is a deck of angel cards?”

How to Change Your State of Mind

Sometimes you just feel stuck and it's hard to move forward. What you need is to take break. A little walk gives your body the exercise it needs to change your state of mind. This is how I do it.

How to Use Crystals and Gemstones

Everyone loves gems, crystals and beautiful stones. In this episode I'll answer questions about crystals that people have sent me.

How to Bust Myths and Become Clairvoyant

Being clairvoyant is known as the ability to receive intuitive messages through images. Intuitive messages come to us in many ways.

Meiji Jingu Shrine Ema Votive Tablets

I created a wishing prayer for everyone, here's how it's done at the Meiji-Jingu shrine. Come watch and see if you can answer the question at the end.

Bamboo Forest – Arashiyama, Japan

This is the Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama, Japan. It's amazingly beautiful, and the tourists and people who visit it are pretty fun to watch too.

How to Feed the Deer at Nara

How to Feed the Deer at Nara Park Japan. There's a technique to it!

How to Go From Intuitive to Psychic

Why must you think that you are intuitive but not psychic? Psychic is something that people feel is like magic, it is beyond them.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

The Meiji-Jingu shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his Empress Shoken. It was built in 1920 and 100,000 trees.

[Intuition Tip] What To Do When Your Intuition is Wrong – plus an intuition exercise

When trying to use your intuition you find it didn’t seem to quite work, you’re not alone.

Getting a fortune in Japan – Omikuji at Sensoji Temple

I discovered something at the Senso-ji Temple, and it's very popular apparently in Japan.

[Intuition Exercise] Which Fan Did I Pick at Kiyomizudera

realized it would be a great intuition exercise for you to see if you can use your intuition to find out which fan I picked.

Incense and Prayers at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Burning incense and saying a prayer at the Sensoji temple for everyone. I figured out how to do it.

How to Find Your Soulmate in 5 Steps

According to Plato, soulmates were once bonded together as one and then Zeus split them apart. Since then the two have sought each other out.

3 Ways Your Pets Can Improve Your Intuition

You may not realize it, but your pet can improve your intuition. Your pet dog or cat’s instinct makes them amazingly intuitive creatures.

[Intuition Tip] How to Boost Your Intuition When You're on Vacation

Vacation trips are the perfect time to strengthen your intuition. When you're on vacation your mind is in a perfect state to access your intuitive mind.

How to Use Your Intuition on Vacation

Using your intuition on vacation becomes your best travel buddy, here's why.

How intuition speaks to you, can you hear her?

Can you hear Intuition when she speaks to you? You may not realize it, but Intuition speaks to you all the time.

10 Things Successful Intuitive People Do Differently

Lots of super successful people give their intuition credit for helping them make business decisions that ultimately led to their amazing achievements.

5 Secrets to Grow a Successful Spiritual Business

Lisa will discuss the latest and greatest online actions to take and tools you can use to easily and grow your followers fast.

5 Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Business

How do you boost your spiritual business? Here are 5 ways you can put in place now whether you are just starting out or…

Energy Hunting to Improve Your Intuitive Feelings

Every place holds different kinds of energy from the environment and mostly from the people who frequent there. 

The 4 Top Ways To Improve Intuition Exercises

Intuition exercises are the best way to practice your intuition skill. Like all skills, you need to learn a technique and then practice it.

Synchronicity Cat

Let’s start with what synchronicities are. John Holland has a wonderful description of synchronicities.

How to Know When Your Intuition is Real or Not

“How do I know when my intuition is real or I'm making it up?” So how do you know when your intuition is real or not?

Prayers at the Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes is a powerful place for prayers and healing. Saying prayers there for everyone.

Develop Your Intuition Tip – No Judging and no editing

It is really important to not edit and not judge the intuitive messages that come to you.

Develop Your Intuition Tip – Practicing Intuition Exercises

This is how you get more accurate information and make it clearer from your intuition.

Develop Your Intuition Tip – Journal Your Intuitive Messages

It is really important to journal or write down your intuitive experiences and the intuitive messages you receive.

10 Key Secrets To Intuition

You have everything you need to develop your intuition in your head. Science has shown that all the intuitive functions are in your brain.