Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How do I know it’s my intuition and not me making it up?
  • How do I make my intuition happen when I want and on what I want?
  • How do I get more detail from my intuition?

Why would you want to develop your intuition?

Things happen in our lives that are not pleasant and sometimes downright scary. You want to navigate through life with some control and assurance that things will be okay or that the choices we make will alleviate further pain or not make things worse. Making those decisions is hard when the future is uncertain and unknown. Then there are the times when there is nothing to decide but only sit and wait. Sitting and waiting can be torture. Intuition can give us a glimmer of hope, solace and guidance during difficult times.

The problem is intuition seems to be random and elusive. More commonly, it seems vague and intangible. You may often wonder whether you even have intuition, much less have it under your control. Many people who want to develop their intuition to be dependable often have the same motivation. You may have had experiences where your intuition has given you a rare stunning message or you feel it is trying to tell you something, but you don’t know what it is.

Whether you are going through wanting to improve your day to day life or dealing with a life upheaval, you may often wish you had dependable internal guidance, a message or some grace from God letting you know things will be okay, that you are not alone or just assurances of the right thing to do next. You want that inner guidance, a connection to a Knowing, that seems to know everything.

I can give you the answers that I know work because I did it myself. I started from scratch, feeling like I had no idea what intuition was, or if I even had it.

I developed my intuition to the point where I used it to become a popular sold out intuitive reader, and one day even save my life. (you can hear the story in my interview on WHUD radio below)

With your intuition you can:

  • Always move in the right direction, make the right choice instantly without hours or days of pondering.
  • Have your intuition work for you on demand and a confident knowing.
  • Be able to choose the best options in your business, social, and love life.
  • Never again miss out on those golden opportunities that seem like luck.
  • Always know which way to go, which is the best decision to make.
  • Increase synchronicities in your life: discover amazing people, situations and circumstances.
  • and yes… if you need to, you might use it to save your life.

Developing your intuition allows you to take charge of your future and go through each day with security and confidence!

Change your life by having a strong, accurate and reliable intuition that is under your control.

Lisa K., PhD  

WHUD Radio

Listen below to how Lisa's intuition saved her life.