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Trusting Your Intuition Again – Episode #207

Trusting yourself to make the right decisions is a crucial part of life, and trusting your intuition or your “gut” is a big part of determining what the right choices are in any situation. But what happens when something happens? Relationships, friendships and split second bad decisions

How One Student Transformed Her Life With a Breakthrough in Developing Her Intuition – Episode #206

One of my students, who also goes by Lisa K., probably through synchronicity, has been in my Intuition Development Circle and I just noticed how she was following what she was learning in circle to a “T” and having amazing results. I asked her to come on

How to Deal With Anxiety and Worry Blocking Your Intuition – Episode #205

In my Facebook group I asked, “What do you feel your blocks are regarding accessing your intuition this week?” One of the most common answers was anxiety and worry. Many of us are anxious around health problems, illness or treatments. The week I did this podcast, I

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“Anyone who is interested in learning how to hear and follow their intuition will find this book incredibly helpful and informative.
I wish I had had it 30 years ago!

-Krysta Gibson, Publisher of New Spirit Journal 

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