Intuition on Demand

A step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust

by Lisa K. PhD.

Ever wished for your intuition to work when you wanted it to?

Want to get clearer information from your intuition?

Do you find it hard to trust your intuition because you think you might be making it all up?

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This book can help you fix all these problems once and for all

Intuition On Demand solves these problems with a NEW step-by-step technique and tools to develop your intuition from scratch. You can get instant intuitive guidance for all your important life decisions and have a better outcome.

You’ll always be assured with intuition you can trust to feel connected, safe, comforted and calm.

Lisa K. PhD developed these methods and technique to help her become a sold out intuitive reader and one day save her life. Inspired to help others do the same, she taught this technique to friends and eventually hundreds of people around the world with immediate, stunning results. Developed from years of research, training and experience, Intuition On Demand was created to help others, like yourself, to develop your intuition from scratch.

Intuition On Demand provides a stepwise technique that is a down to earth, tangible process that makes sense. Words used to describe the technique and methods are clear, straightforward, understandable and not “woo woo.” This intuition technique can easily be applied to any situation.

Here is some of what is covered in the book:

  • Learn the Intuition On Demand technique that is easy to follow and gets your intuition to work immediately.
  • Why you may be stuck at step one on the development map.
  • Busting the myths about intuition and how to overcome the mistakes they cause.
  • Find ways to re-program your mind so you can have your intuition “on” all the time and use it in any situation.
  • Discover how to distinguish between your thoughts and your intuition.

  • Learn methods to get your thinking and Ego out of the way of receiving intuitive messages.
  • Learn about metaphysical energy and how to work with it.
  • Solve common problems everyone has with intuition.
  • This book has dozens of intuition exercises you can do alone or with a partner to advance your skill.
  • 10 Intuition Tools for love relationships, health, career and business, plus happenings in the future.

Order by June 6th, 2017 to get 4 FREE GIFTS!

Why is this book special?

Unlike other books on intuition that are often vague and confusing, Intuition On Demand explains a clear and tangible step-by-step technique to make intuition happen when you want and on what you want.

Intuition On Demand is written for those of you who don’t consider yourself intuitive but want to develop your intuition from scratch.

Unlike other books, Lisa K. struggled with all the same problems that most beginners of intuition development have by needing to start from the ground up.

Lisa K.’s students see her as grounded, down to earth and not “woo-woo.”

If you feel you are somewhat intuitive but not necessarily psychic this book is for you.

Lisa K. is considered an intuition expert through intense study, experience and education.

Come back to center, find your inner guidance, learn to trust your intuition

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What Type of Intuitive Are You?
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  • Learn how to develop your inborn fledgling intuitive skill type
  • Your intuitive type is not what you think
  • You have a special inborn intuition skill that makes you a certain type of intuitive
  • Discover which one of the 5 intuitive types you are — You may be surprised what your intuitive type is!
  • Find out problems you’re unaware of that your intuition type causes and how to fix it


Intuition Assessment
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  • How well developed is your intuition?
  • Discover the 5 steps to intuition development
  • Find out exactly where you are on the intuition development map AND how to move forward
  • Discover how to get past your blocks to get to the next level
  • Accelerate your intuition development and become highly intuitive quickly


Intuition Exercises – the Do’s and Don’ts
($79 value)

Intuition exercises can astronomically advance your intuition. Discover right way to do an intuition exercise.

Find out:
  • Why most of the intuition exercises out there don’t work
  • What is not an intuition exercise
  • What are the best intuition exercises?
  • The right way to do an intuition exercise
  • How to find a good intuition exercise
  • How to do an intuition exercise properly


Q&A and Instructed Intuition Exercise
($150 value)

  • An open group Q&A session with me
  • Guided actual intuition exercise with instruction via a group circle with my guidance to help you find your intuitive messages that you are receiving but don’t know it

I will use my intuition expertise to help you personally decode your personal intuitive messages.

This is where I can drill down and work with each of you to dig out what is your real intuition and what is not.

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