How to Be Grateful to Boost Your Happiness and Intuition

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Being grateful can boost both your happiness and intuition big time. If you want more happiness, greater optimism about the world, feel more love from other people, and strengthen your intuition all you need to do is be grateful. Science has shown that you can experience these life improvements in just a week or two

5 Steps to Turn on Your Intuition Permanently

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I love getting together with people and raising our energy vibration then tuning into our intuition. In my classes or six sensory meetings we have so much fun and everyone is in a high vibration and getting great messages from their intuition. We work on our connection to our inner spirituality and everyone can feel

How to Bust Myths and Become Clairvoyant

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Being clairvoyant is known as the ability to receive intuitive messages through images. Intuitive messages come to us in many ways. One of the more famous ways is through pictures or images.  People who are clairvoyant can receive these intuitive images outside of themselves or see them in their mind’s eye. Working with my students,

How to Go From Intuitive to Psychic

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“I’m intuitive but not psychic” Why must you think that you are intuitive but not psychic? Psychic is something that people feel is like magic, it is beyond them. Perhaps it’s the movies, perhaps it’s the word psychic. Psychic is taboo, psychic is scary, and associated with ghosts, paranormal, and most of all fright. But,

How to Find Your Soulmate in 5 Steps

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Finding your soulmate is easier with guidance from your intuition According to Plato, soulmates were once bonded together as one and then Zeus split them apart. Since then the two have sought each other out, as each seeks to be completed by their other half. Soulmates have an unspoken understanding of each other and feel united as if

3 Ways Your Pets Can Improve Your Intuition

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Three Ways Your Pets Can Improve Your Intuition You may not realize it, but your pet can improve your intuition. Your pet dog or cat’s instinct makes them amazingly intuitive creatures. Before I became an engineer I wanted to be an ethologist who is someone who studies animal behavior. There is a lot you can learn about your

How to Use Your Intuition on Vacation

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Using your intuition on vacation becomes your best travel buddy, here’s why. If you’re going on vacation traveling is the best time to use your intuition on vacation and practice being connected to your higher level guidance. I’m on my way to Japan to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara to see sacred temples and shrines, as

Meditate for Intuition

How to Meditate to Improve Your Intuition

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Meditate For a Stronger Intuition The reason why if you meditate it helps your intuition is that it trains your mind to notice the quieter thoughts, images, and sounds that make up your intuitive messages. You don’t have to “turn off” your thinking mind to notice your intuition, you just need to be aware of

how intuition speaks

How intuition speaks to you, can you hear her?

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Can you hear Intuition when she speaks to you? You may not realize it, but Intuition speaks to you all the time. If you know how Intuition speaks to you, you’ll understand what she is saying. She is subtle, soft and gentle. Can you hear her? She’s quiet, unobtrusive, and whispers so softly that often

10 Things Successful Intuitive People Do Differently

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Lots of super successful people give their intuition credit for helping them make business decisions that ultimately led to their amazing achievements. These people make intuition a part of their life, all day, every day. I had to learn how to become a daily intuitive myself since I started out not being intuitive at all. But I


Energy Hunting to Improve Your Intuitive Feelings

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Every place holds different kinds of energy from the environment and mostly from the people who frequent there. Just as you feel “at home” in certain places and other places feel unwelcoming to you, there is often an energetic reason for that. You may want to go energy hunting. People’s thoughts, emotions and just their personal

The 4 Top Ways To Improve Intuition Exercises

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Intuition exercises are the best way to practice your intuition skill. Like all skills, you need to learn a technique and then practice it. When you first learn simple techniques to get your intuition working, you may be tempted to start using your intuition right away on that pressing problem that you need an answer


How to Know When Your Intuition is Real or Not

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One of the most frequent questions I get is “How do I know when my intuition is real or I’m making it up?” So how do you know when your intuition is real or not? There are many characteristics of a true and real intuitive message. One is that a real intuition message is clear,

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