How to Be Grateful to Boost Your Happiness and Intuition

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Being grateful can boost both your happiness and intuition big time. If you want more happiness, greater optimism about the world, feel more love from other people, and strengthen your intuition all you need to do is be grateful. Science has shown that you can experience these life improvements in just a week or two

How to Make Yummy Kale Chips

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Since I found out that I need to increase my calcium intake, I’ve been looking at ways to eat calcium rich foods. My husband is my home chef and he’s been researching things he can make for me. He discovered kale is high in calcium and came up with his own recipe to make kale

How to Declutter and Manifest More in Your Life!

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Are you making space for new energy to come in? Declutter and manifest more! Even if you like having your ducks in a row, keeping them in a row isn’t always easy, especially when you run out of space for your ducks! One of the best ways to manifest things you desire quickly is to prepare space

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